Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd February 2019

Scottish Student Games – Trampoline Open

Sport and Exercise, 46 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

This year sees the 34th edition of the Scottish Student Trampoline Open! This illustrious event will run from Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd February 2019 and will be based within the wonderful Sport & Exercise Pleasance Sports Centre facility at the University of Edinburgh.

This event will also run in conjunction with, and support, the Scottish Student Trampoline League Event Three and is the flagship event of the Scottish Student Games.

Venue: Sport and Exercise, University of Edinburgh

Date: Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd February 2019

Time: 4.30pm Warm up in Pleasance Sports Hall on Friday 1st February 2019

Eligibility: All students must be currently matriculated (have a current student card). The exact eligibility criteria are listed HERE

Entries: Please contact the SS Trampoline Chair to state your interest.

Pre-event Information: Please click this link for all timings and pre-event information SSTO Pack 2019

Contact: For further details about this event, please contact SS Trampoline Chair (Danny Lee) on