Tuesday 20th November 2018

Glasgow University Boat Club Ditch the Onesies for Charity

Glasgow University Boat Club threw caution to the wind and have bared all in a brand new Naked Calendar for 2019 – all to raise money for charity!

The club, who have been producing the calendar for the last 3 years, braced a particularly icy autumn morning to do the full monty in and around their boat house.

Not that a 6 am start is a new experience for the 24 student rowers, very much used to early mornings, as they ditched the onesies and stood naked just off the River Clyde for longer than you can imagine, their resilience was certainly tested.

Seven very talented photographers from the Glasgow University Photography Society took the stunning black and white images and rescued one of the poses! Can’t wait to hear about this.

We caught up with Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer, or rather the ‘tall, ripped and stunning bloke’ – Angus Robson, to share the experience with us … if we have not shared too much already.

What was the reaction from the club when it was first announced?

“I think the club was extremely excited to do the calendar. The calendar is great for getting the squads closer as it’s something different to racing and requires a large amount of trust. It’s also a great laugh as we are not professional models and so getting the shot requires some input from all! We woke up with blurry eyes to a freezing sunrise we realised what we had signed down for! It takes a lot of confidence to be photographed and have the images go public but we are passionate about our club and it’s reputation as a big fundraiser for charities.”

Did you come across any challenges while shooting the calendar?

“There certainly were challenges but the whole team put a huge effort in to make it all work. Rowers are busy people and in coursework season this only made it harder. The photography club were great in being flexible with timings and with the early mornings, even by rowing standards! The great Scottish Weather is what makes GUBC the athletes we are and it really pulled out all the stops for us (Only a light drizzle!).”

Are you featured in the calendar Angus?

Yes I am, I’m the tall, ripped and stunning bloke on the front cover. It’s my second year and running it gave me the heads up to work hard and get back into shape! This year there has been a real team effort to push the calendar to new heights and everyone has been a huge help in getting this project completed.

There must have been some funny moments…

“Standing outside at 0600 in the drizzle with your arms above your head carrying a boat and nothing on your feet as you walk along gravel gives a new perspective of what you are willing to do for charity. This also means there is no cover so getting photographed feels extremely compromising as you shiver and try to tense your arms and abs!”

What was the most difficult shot and why?

“Luckily we had some very talented photographers. We broke down into groups to find shots throughout the boatclub but this didn’t mean it was all plain sailing. We managed to drop our toolbox causing a hilarious moment as “the boatman’s nuts were everywhere.”

Who was your photographer and what did they have to say about the experience?

“Glasgow University Photography Society kindly photographed us this year. I have to thank the ever professional Vincent Jozajtis as well for coming in last minute to save a photoshoot from the girls.”

The calendar is in aid of Beatson Cancer Charity, a Glasgow-based charity supporting people affected by cancer. The Charity provides services, as well as funding specialists, research and education to invest in a better future for cancer patients and their families.

Pitched as the perfect gift this Christmas, or an office prank, the calendar can be purchased for £10 through the clubs online store.