Monday 29th January 2018

SSS Reaching New Heights!

The team at SSS took an afternoon across at The University of Edinburgh Sport and Exercise Climbing Wall for an induction into Bouldering, Traversing, and to see who didn’t cope well with heights. #TeamBonding

You might think to work at a sports governing body or organisation means that you must be active or involved in sport at all times! That we wake up in the morning, take a deep breath, and smell that sweet aroma of sweaty gym kit we had on for last nights late sesh. Well, let me tell you, that is not the case. In fact, it can be far more difficult to be active when you are surrounded by people who may seem more physically fit or athletic than you are. Isn’t that right Mila?

“Hey Mila, do you wanna hit the gym?”

“I was like, who’s Jim?”

The team here at Scottish Student Sport work hard to keep active in our own time and love to talk about what the other person has been upto at the weekend. Be it taking a walk up Arthurs Seat, a morning at BMF (British Military Fitness), or a weekend in the old Kayak. However, we like to encourage each other to take on and try new sports and activities, pushing our comforts zone, during the working week.

Two years ago we embarked on a journey to become Exemplar Physical Activity Employers (EPAE) in partnership with the NHS. Since then we have embarked on a variety of different ventures such as hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, trampolining, and in our most recent challenge we took on Climbing!

We took ourselves across to The University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise centre at the Pleasance one Friday afternoon for a session at the climbing wall. For many of us, this was our first ever experience at the wall and at climbing, or should I say bottom roping, in general! Never the less we donned our sports gear and our best smiles for an induction with the team at Sport & Exercise.

           After a warm welcome from the reception team, we proceeded to watch a clever induction video by the one and only Gerry Crabbe, Climbing Wall Team Leader, on the do’s and don’ts on climb etiquette. Feeling enthused, ready to take on the wall, we got a brief but in-depth tutorial on how to tie yourself in and safely belay for a partner. None of us will ever forget the snowman tying analogy or the snake fangs that can only face down… You’ll understand when you go, and we recommend you do!

           When we had all been up once each we were absolute pros, or at least we thought we were. At the top of the wall, Keith decided this was an ideal opportunity to show off to the room in true theatre style while Jess proved an excellent partner for Nicola in foot placement. Elaine and Leah focused on their tieing skills and technique while Mari-Claire and Catharine flew up the more challenging walls, leaving the rest of us high and dry… Or, low and wet.

The Climbing wall is a great experience for anyone looking to try out a new sport or get active in a safe and cool environment. It is safe to say that the majority of us stuck to the standard difficulty level climb but found ourselves leaning towards the more challenging climbs quickly. The team at UoE Sport & Exercise were absolutely fantastic in training us up ready to take on the wall by ourselves. We can be quite a rowdy bunch at times (what can I say) but that soon washed away when we were asked to perform drill ‘falls’ that soon put us in our place.

 Click the above image to link straight to the wall!

Huge thanks to the team at the Climbing Wall for giving us such a warm welcome and for keeping us safe. Four of us have since been back for a climb without supervision and foresee it becoming a regular date! As long as they are still happy to have us back.

For more information on Sport & Exercise at the University of Edinburgh don’t hesitate to check them out!

Climbing Wall Reception

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Our Bouldering National Championships are this coming Saturday at The Climbing Academy, Glasgow. For more information make sure to check out the Scottish Student Climbing Facebook Group!