Friday 23rd February 2018

Student Volunteering Week Spotlight: Ben Murphy

As Student Volunteering Week 2018 draws to close, we have time for one more SSS Leader profile! Let’s take a look at how the SSS Leadership Programme has supported Ben Murphy this year.

After a fantastic few days celebrating our SSS Leaders, we find ourselves on the final day of Student Volunteering Week 2018. To round things off, let’s see what Ben Murphy has to say about the SSS Leadership Programme!

Name: Ben Murphy

Institution: The University of Edinburgh

Course: Geography, 4th year

Sport: Athletics

What key skills/qualities has the Leadership Programme helped you to develop?

Reflection has really been encouraged and this is something I feel I have worked on and improved because of the programme. The online discussions really encourage and facilitate this; both deliberate and non-deliberate reflections have arisen because of these. I also feel my leadership has improved because of the introduction to various styles and types of leader’s – it was a confidence boost to know there is no one set way and it was positive to think about a more flexible but impactful way of leading, both in general and in our specific roles.

Has the Leadership Programme helped to prepare you for the next stage in your studies/start of your career? If so, how?

Yes, I feel like the programme has really opened my eyes to some new and exciting perspectives on leadership that can be actively used in my life after graduation. I am hoping to eventually move into expedition leading alongside working with children and I think the programme has really allowed me to think about the best ways of communicating and working with groups as well as how to lead in various situations with different groups of people.

How has general support from SSS been during the programme?

Really positive, the SSS team have provided really helpful and often valuable insights and have really supported us in developing our own ideas and thoughts. By stimulating the online webinars, some really great discussions have taken place.

What piece of advice would you give to a student interested in joining the programme in 2018/19

Go for it! Invest the time in preparing for and taking part in the discussions – you get out of it what you put in. Also, it is good to review notes/lessons learnt semi-regularly for personal aid and reflection.


What better way to end our Student Volunteering Week 2018 celebrations?! Another fantastic take on the SSS Leadership Programme – we’re confident Ben will succeed in his next venture!