Thursday 22nd February 2018

Student Volunteering Week Spotlight: Merle Hill

Day four of Student Volunteering Week brings another SSS Leader profile for you to get stuck into! This time it’s over to Merle Hill with her thoughts on the Leadership Programme.

We hope you have been enjoying hearing from our SSS Leaders during Student Volunteering Week! We have another cracker of a profile for you from Merle Hill.

Name: Merle Hill

Institution: University of the West of Scotland

Course: Tourism Management, 3rd year

Sport: Cheerleading

What key skills/qualities has the Leadership Programme helped you to develop? 
One of the main skills I developed throughout the SSS leadership program was self-reflection. Developing this started off at the first event in Edinburgh where we did several self-reflective activities throughout the day. Afterwards, I started using these throughout our web meetings as well as during my time in Uni, at work or training.

Has the Leadership Programme helped to prepare you for the next stage in your studies/start of your career? If so, how?
Yes. My life could follow several different paths over the next few weeks/months. The Leadership programme has helped me prepare for this regarding the outcomes. Skills such as; commitment; time management and reflection are skills you can use and improve every day.

How has general support from SSS been during the programme?
The support of the SSS team has been great over the last few months especially whenever I needed help regarding making decisions for my team or needing advice for my election campaign.

What piece of advice would you give to a student interested in joining the programme in 2018/19?
Commit to it. Even if you might not see the point in a task straight away, it is worth trying it.
We are delighted Merle has taken away some excellent skill development from the SSS Leadership Programme and are excited to find out what is in store next for her!