Wednesday 28th November 2018

Regional Ladders Off to a Winning Start

With 12 Ladders now up and running across the country, our Regional Development Coordinators shine a spotlight on this flexible, student-led competition and take a look at what to expect for 2019.

Now into it’s second year, the Regional Ladder format has taken off across the regions with a whopping 35 teams involved in this additional layer of recreational competition. SSS Regional Ladders provide effective competitive opportunities prioritising increasing student participation with emphasis on taking part. Regional Ladders are designed to be student led, flexible fixtures throughout the academic year, catering to students who want to take part in a more relaxed environment. Keep reading to hear how the Ladders are going across the country!

Tayside and Fife

It is an exciting time for the Tayside and Fife Basketball students as they are the first students to organise the SSS Ladders competition in the region. With three of our current members; Perth College, University of St Andrews and current Ladder leader, Abertay University taking part, it is set to be thrilling competition lasting to March 2019.

South East

Tayside and Fife are not alone on the Regional Ladder front! The South East has Ladders set-up in Badminton, Basketball and Women’s 7-aside Football. Recreational netball has recently had the GA (go ahead!) from the region; a Netball Ladder has just been launched with activity set to kick-start in Semester Two. Of the 10 member institutions in the South East, 8 are involved in Regional Ladders; a fantastic testament to the commitment from the region to provide opportunities for students of all levels and needs to take part in competitive sport.


Finally over in the West region there are a total  number of six ladder leagues; mixed badminton; men’s basketball; women’s basketball; men’s 11-aside football; women’s 7-aside football; and women’s hockey. Ten institutions from across the region have committed to being part of the leagues.  These ladders provide a much greater range of recreational activity than seen before in the West and a pathway to keep them engaged in sport long term. We look forward to seeing activity up and running before the Christmas break – exciting times!

New teams can be added to each Ladder at any point throughout the academic year – if you or your students are interested in taking part or setting up their own sport specific Regional Ladder, please contact your Regional Development Coordinator.