It’s supposed to be hard… the hard is what makes it great.

Who plays? There are a number of high performing individuals, as well as a large number of novice and intermediate athletes. Many high-class student athletes on the national and international stage take advantage of the sports bursaries and expertise offered in Scottish Universities.

What is there? British Universities’ Outdoor Athletics Championships, SSS Indoor & Outdoor Championships, Scottish Students Fresher’s Match.  In addition, there are occasional challenge matches including battles for the Appleton (Edinburgh v. Glasgow) and Spencer French (Inter-Area) Trophies.

When does all this happen? All the events are generally on the weekends and spaced throughout the course of the academic year.

Sport Chair: Janelle McGurk


Governing Body:
Scottish Athletics

For all British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) fixtures, results and leagues please visit the BUCS website.