‘Horses give us the wings we lack’.

Who plays? Number of institutions competing in Scottish leagues: 7

What is there? Outdoor summer season as well as in indoor (arena) winter season. The national governing body for student polo events is the Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA). SUPA hosts two large national competitions each year at Rugby Polo Club and Offchurch Bury Polo Club. As SUPA do not currently run any competitions in Scotland, a number of Scottish universities have been very proactive in organising a Scottish league and setting up inter-university tournaments

When does all this happen? Polo is played 4-aside outdoor during the summer season (May-September) and 3-aside in the arena during the winter season (October-April). Matches are split into 7 and a half minute periods called chukkas.

Sport Chair: Elissa McNamara

Contact: ssspolo@outlook.com

Governing Body:
Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA)

BUCS may not have a Polo programme but they do have an Equestrian programme! All details can be found HERE 

2019/2020 League Fixtures

League Match One       16/10/2019

League Match Two       27/11/2019

League Match Three     29/01/2020

Click HERE for the final League Standings! Full results to follow.

2018/19 League Fixtures

League Match One        17/10/2018

League Match Two        28/11/2018

League Match Three     30/01/2019

Please click HERE for the full results of our 2018-19 league! Congratulations to University of St Andrews and University of Stirling for their success.