Table Tennis

“I started playing it all the time.  I played ping-pong even when I didn’t have anyone to play ping-pong with.  I played ping-pong so much I even played it in my sleep.” – Forrest Gump

Who plays?  Table Tennis is hugely popular in Asia and continental Europe, with numbers now increasing in Scotland too. As a sport which has less to do with gender, age, size and strength than it does with skill, dexterity and technique, the potential for participation in the sport is huge.  There are a number of high performing individuals, as well as a large number of novice and intermediate athletes.

What is there?  The SSS Individuals and Doubles Championships take place each academic year with winners crowned as Scottish Champions. The BUCS Table-Tennis Leagues, coordinated by SSS, run from October to March.

When does all this happen? All the events are generally on the weekends and spaced throughout the course of the academic year.

Sport Chair: Yubo Rasmussen


Governing Body:
Table Tennis Scotland

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