‘Happiness is…jumping on a trampoline.’

Who plays? A full range of abilities is displayed amongst students, at novice, advanced, intermediate and elite level, with a number of those also competing at Scottish Gymnastics trampoline assessment days. Trampolining is a sport which many take up when they join university or college.  There are 11 Universities and Colleges competing.

What is there?   SSS Trampoline holds an annual league competition with four meetings throughout the year. Individuals compete at their chosen level at each of the events and are able to change level throughout the year. At the end of the year, based on a points system, trophies are awarded to one person for each category and to the overall winning university.

The third of these league meetings is the “Scottish Open”. This flagship event attracts students from all over the UK and has an attendance in excess of 500.

The Scottish Student Trampolining programme is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive one, providing competitors with a fun, competitive experience at whichever level they bounce at.

When does all this happen? All the events are generally on the weekends and spaced throughout the course of the academic year.

Rules and Regulations

Sport Chair: Joshua Watters


Governing Body:
Scottish Gymnastics

For all British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) fixtures, results and leagues please visit the BUCS website.

2018/19 SSS League Fixtures

League Event One           13/10/2018

League Event Two           17/11/2018

League Event Three     01-03/02/2019

League Event Four          09/03/2019

2017/18 SSS League Results

SSS League Event 1 

SSS League Event 2

SSS League Event 3

SSS League Event 4

The overall League results can be found HERE. Congratulations to University of St Andrews for their win!