Wednesday 7th February 2018

Trampoline Competition Development Coordinator (Chair)

SSS are looking for a new Trampoline Chair to take on the development of student trampoline and the delivery of the competition programme, including the Scottish Student Trampoline Open

Role & Responsibilities


  • Meet with the SSS staff to discuss the trampolining programme for the year ahead, including dates & venues of events.
  • Prepare a budget forecast for the year ahead, including all income and expenditure expected for each event and charges per event.
  • Inform SSS office of any medal requirements for the year ahead.
  • Hold a committee meeting in May to plan for the upcoming year and at least one committee meeting per semester to consider development issues and matters of general concern. Provide SSS with any agendas and minutes that have been held.
  • Convene a captain’s meeting at the beginning of the year (pre-League 1) to consider development issues and matters of general concern. Invite SSS office to this meeting and share any agendas and minutes of the meetings that have been held.
  • Direct and oversee tasks of all committee members throughout year.


Pre Event

  • Ensure that clubs are aware of entry and payment details & deadlines.
  • Provide SSS with entries & payment details.
  • Ensure that individual entries from colleges/guests continue to have place in SSS programme & encourage participation of college students/guests.
  • Ensure that SSS, venue and students all have required information relevant to them i.e. location, timetable, officials’ timetable, bounce orders and tariff sheets.
  • Discuss branding requirements for each event with SSS and ensure that branding is included in event set up plan.
  • Ensure that catering, staging, equipment hire & transportation, kit, promotional materials, branding, laptops for scoring are all in place where necessary.
  • Collect all equipment required from SSS office and transport to event.
  • Ensure that all committee members are aware of their expected roles throughout event.

Running of the Event

  • Arrive early to set up for events with committee members.
  • Hold a Chair of Judges meeting to go over rules, officials’ requirements, scoring.
  • Call officials to panels and announce categories & flights throughout the event.
  • Ensure smooth and timely running of judging panels.
  • Present medals to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed individuals of each category and winner of the team competition.
  • Ensure hall left tidy and clean after event.


Post Event

  • Provide SSS with your own feedback on running of event.
  • Discuss audience feedback.
  • Ensure that students & SSS are aware of location of event results.
  • Return equipment to SSS office.


Other tasks

  • Co-ordinate (where appropriate) the selection, training and participation of a SSS representative team.
  • Work with SSS Head of Development to help represent the student sport sector to the appropriate National Governing Body.
  • Work with SSS Head of Development to deliver a workforce development programme to upskill the student trampoline workforce
  • Maintain a detailed record of all transactions in relation of the operation of the sport.
  • Develop a competition/participation programme which ensures academic year-round inter-university & college competition.
  • Work closely with SSS Regional structures to support sport specific development.
  • Communicate regularly and clearly with Club Captains, AU Presidents, key College Representatives and other stakeholders.


In relation to the role outlined above, the Competition Development Coordinator agrees to:

  • Provide the SSS office with a brief CV and up-to-date contact details.
  • Lead the delivery of agreed SSS events for the season.
  • Operate within agreed financial budgets and processes.
  • Keep in regular communication with the SSS Office, sport specific contacts and Athletic/Sports Union offices, as appropriate.
  • Provide results and a brief report for each agreed event to the SSS office.
  • Keep the SSS office up to date on any relevant discussions with Sports Governing Bodies and other relevant agencies.
  • Meet with the SSS Head of Competitions for a structured discussion at least twice per year.
  • Support the use of the SSS brand in all official correspondence and other materials.



The Chair will be appointed for a term of two years, with the option of a 3rd year. Individuals may re-stand for the position of Chair after this time but applications will be opened to all candidates on a three yearly basis.

This is a voluntary position although reasonable expenses will be covered.


Application process

Applications will be by CV and covering letter, sent to Ben Philip, Head of Competitions, and the deadline for applications is Wednesday, 28th February, 2018.