Thursday 28th September 2023

In an exciting development for the student sporting community, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is thrilled to announce the successful purchase of seven brand-new table tennis tables through its Special Projects Fund.

In an exciting development for the student sporting community, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is thrilled to announce the successful purchase of seven brand-new table tennis tables through its Special Projects Fund. This initiative is a significant step forward for the organisation and demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the student table tennis experience in Scotland.

Special Projects Funding: A Brief Overview

The Special Projects Fund is a cornerstone of SSS’s mission to support student athletes and foster sustainable sporting initiatives. This fund allocates resources to projects that have a lasting impact on the student sporting community and align with SSS’s core values. Projects eligible for funding can receive up to £5000, enabling them to create a meaningful and sustainable difference.

Seven New Tables: A Game-Changer

The acquisition of seven new table tennis tables marks a milestone for student table tennis in Scotland. These tables boast a consistent design and a key accessibility feature—making them wheelchair-friendly. This inclusivity aspect is a testament to SSS’s commitment to ensuring that sports are accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities.

SSS’s strategic partnership with Table Tennis Scotland played a pivotal role in securing these tables. This collaboration not only facilitated a smoother acquisition process but also resulted in additional discounts, ensuring that the funds were stretched even further to benefit the student sporting community.

These new table tennis tables will find their home at Heriot-Watt University’s Oriam facility. Oriam is rapidly evolving into a hub for racket sports, including table tennis. The addition of these tables will further establish Oriam as a premier destination for athletes across Scotland.

Pictured; Cameron Hussain (TT Scotland), Jess Baillie (SSS), Max Tuma (HWU TT Club)

In October of this year and in the years to come, students from across Scotland will have the opportunity to use these tables to participate in Centralised BUCS League Fixtures. These tables will provide a dedicated and high-quality venue for competitive matches, elevating the student sporting experience in the region.

SSS has ambitious plans to collaborate with Oriam to make it the home of the Scottish Student Table Tennis Championships, hosted annually in February. This move promises to bring Heriot-Watt University into the spotlight during the prestigious Scottish Student Games weekend.

Alisa Khalid, Scottish Student Table Tennis Chair, highlighted the significance of these new tables, stating, “These additional table tennis tables are more than just equipment – they represent the growth and development of student table tennis in Scotland. Their purchase will help provide a dedicated venue for our Centralised BUCS League matches and, we hope, the Scottish Student Table Tennis Championships. They will help Heriot-Watt University’s Table Tennis Club develop too by creating an inviting environment for competitive play – inspiring new students to join the sport for both its social and competitive aspects.

Richard Yule, CEO of Table Tennis Scotland, expressed his excitement about the development, saying, “We’re absolutely delighted to see seven brand new Table Tennis tables delivered in collaboration between Scottish Student Sport and Table Tennis Scotland. It’s an exciting time for student Table Tennis, and these new tables will provide yet another venue for competitive fixtures and a space to further grow the student community.

The impact of these tables will be felt for years to come, fostering growth and development in student table tennis while providing a dedicated space for both competitive fixtures and training. As SSS continues to invest in special projects that align with its values, the future of student sports in Scotland looks brighter than ever.

If you’re interested in submitting an application for a Special Project please contact the SSS Business Manager, Julia Stenhouse, at


Thursday 31st August 2023

Scottish Student Sport Welcomes a New Business Manager, read on to find out more!

Scottish Student Sport is delighted to welcome Julia Stenhouse as SSS Business Manager. 

Julia, former Sports President at the University of Edinburgh, joins us from the Scottish Handball Association to take over our Business Operations. She’s a student sport expert and brings a wealth of operational experience that will round out SSS’ Summer Signings!

We caught up with Julia to ask her a few questions before she joins the SSS team.


What are you most excited about in joining the SSS team?


I am really looking forward to working day-to-day alongside such a fantastic group of people, as well as re-joining the Scottish Student network! I am constantly amazed and inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of student volunteers and athletes and I can’t wait to get back involved.

What’s the best live sporting moment that you’ve been a part of/seen?


It’s a bit of a stretch to say I was ‘part of’ her moment, but I did report on Eilish McColgan’s incredible 10,000m gold medal finish at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as part of Team Scotland’s media delegation. It was such an incredible moment, for her, and for Scotland, and it’s something I’ll always treasure.


What’s your sporting background, do you play or watch a specific sport?


I played tennis and hockey at school, but only continued with hockey at university where I played as a goalkeeper. Sadly, an injury in my second year caused a step away from playing in goals, but I did use my new-found ‘free time’ to get more involved in volunteering with the University Sports Union. I now play and coach recreational hockey at my local club, as well as try to get away skiing at some point during the winter months!


Additionally, since working for Scottish Handball – and having learnt the rules – I love watching international handball. I absolutely love the pace, ferocity, and skill of the game.


What is your ideal holiday destination? 


My ideal holiday destination would be to Australia and New Zealand. I’d love to visit someday and especially to experience the Great Barrier Reef!



Did you study in Scotland? Do you have a particular allegiance to one of our member institutions that we ought to know about?


Yes I did, I studied at Edinburgh University. I also served a term as the University’s Sports Union President before joining Scottish Handball. Allegiance might not be exactly the right term, but whilst I am incredibly excited to work with all member institutions, it’s true that Edinburgh will always hold a special place in my heart.




Wednesday 30th August 2023

We are delighted to welcome Eilidh Paterson as the new Scottish Student Sport Head of Development!

We are delighted to welcome Eilidh Paterson as the new Scottish Student Sport Head of Development!

Eilidh began her Scottish Student Sport career five years ago as a Regional Development Coordinator, before transitioning into the Inclusion and Culture Coordinator. Eilidh takes on the mantle from Ian Lowe, who has now moved into a new role at Robert Gordon University.

We caught up with Eilidh to ask her a few questions about how she’s feeling about her new position:

  1. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I can’t wait to catch up with the membership and share our development team’s plans for 2023/24. I’d like to get feedback on our ambitious plans and bring back opportunities to catch up and share experiences within the national forum. It’s a very exciting time to be part of the SSS family with 19 Active Campus Coordinators coming into the fold and starting their journey alongside us. We’ll be sure to update the members on their overall development throughout the year

  1. Great stuff! What do you think is the biggest challenge you think you’ll face?

This might sound like a cliché but I don’t really see challenges as such, just opportunities. I understand our members are facing challenges like reduced funding, student suffering due to the cost of living, and growing inequalities. So I want to ensure that the Development team has our ear to the ground and is primed to assist if and when needed.

For those who may not know, I decided to move back home to Thurso before my very exciting appointment. A challenge will be balancing in-person opportunities and ensuring when I do travel, our sustainable value is at the forefront – she says typing on a bus to Inverness.

  1. What can the membership expect from Eilidh Paterson, Head of Development?

They can expect the same warm-hearted greeting when I see you but also grit and determination to ensure our students are receiving equal support and opportunities within their sporting community. Even though we have just had our highest-ever number of active students in Scotland at 41,000+, I know the active student population are still a minority and I am determined for that to change and ultimately, assist Scotland in becoming a healthier nation.

You can get in contact with Eilidh by emailing


Thursday 27th July 2023

Scottish Student Sport is thrilled to announce Technogym as the Headline Sponsor during this 4.5-year partnership! , laying the groundwork for future success.

In a monumental stride towards elevating the student sports experience in Scotland, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) has officially partnered with Technogym for the new 4.5-year deal. Technogym is the world’s leading provider of innovative fitness equipment and wellness solutions. Through this collaboration, we aim to enhance the health, well-being, and performance of students across the nation

The announcement is an important moment for both organisations as they embark on a journey of shared values and ambitions. Scottish Student Sport has found an ideal match in Technogym, a company that has revolutionised the fitness industry and consumer training experience with cutting-edge technology and a dedication to improving people’s lives through physical activity.

Ben Sandham, Technogym UK Sales Director – Health, Corporate and Performance said “We are delighted to have signed this 4.5 year partnership with Scottish Student Sport as we continue to support the higher education sector with innovative solutions, knowledge, and support. Technogym have been working closely with universities across the country including University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, University of St. Andrews and Herriot Watt University. We are incredibly proud of the partnership, and look forward to working together.”

“The SSS network is delighted to be partnering with world-leading wellness solution provider and fitness equipment company Technogym.” Said Scottish Student Sport Chief Operating Officer Stew Fowlie, “We share many of the same values and have a joint ambition to engage college and university populations in high quality activity, unlocking the powers this has to enhance lives. Our new friends at Technogym have embraced the partnership and it is super to have a sense of momentum as we build towards next semester. We look forward very much to all the future possibilities and to working closely with Technogym over the next four years.”

As part of the partnership, Scottish Student Sport and Technogym will work collaboratively to host a series of insightful clinics. These clinics will provide SSS members with the latest knowledge on topics such as “Technology in Sport” and “Building Health and Wellbeing into Campus life,” fostering an environment where fitness practices and wellness techniques are embraced.

To mark the beginning of this partnership, SSS Sport and Active Health Coordinator, Ben Rowlings recently embarked on an exciting trip to the Technogym Wellness Village in Cesena, Italy. On his trip, Ben met with the Technogym experts to explore the latest developments and innovations and discussed how SSS can utilise this knowledge to better support our partners on their Active Health journey. You can read about Ben’s trip here.

Scottish Student Sport and Technogym are enthusiastic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the student community in Scotland. With the shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and active health, this collaboration is bound to redefine the student sports experience and inspire a healthier, more active lifestyle across campus.

About Technogym
Founded in 1983, Technogym is a world leader brand in fitness, wellness, sport, and health. Technogym provides a complete Ecosystem made of connected smart fitness equipment, digital services, and training content. Thanks to the open Mywellness CRM Platform people can connect to their personal training experience anywhere, both on Technogym equipment and mobile devices. With over 2,500 employees Technogym is present in over 100 countries. More than 85,000 Wellness centers and 400,000 private homes in the world are equipped with Technogym. Technogym has been appointed Official Supplier to the Paris 2024 Olympics for the ninth time, after Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, Pyeongchang 2018, and Tokyo 2020.

For general enquiries please contact Technogym’s representative for Scotland:
Kerrie Donaghy


Wednesday 12th July 2023

SSS Sport and Active Health Coordinator Ben recently embarked on an exciting trip to the Technogym factory in Bologna.

SSS Sport and Active Health Coordinator Ben recently embarked on an exciting trip to the Technogym factory in Bologna. On Wednesday 5th July, Ben flew to Italy with the Technogym team to explore the latest developments within the Technogym range and discuss how SSS can utilize this knowledge to better support their partners on their Active Health journey.

The invitation extended to SSS was a result of the exciting news that Technogym had become a key commercial partner moving forward. This partnership opened up the opportunity for SSS staff to visit the Technogym headquarters and interact with the product and digital development teams, gaining insight into the upcoming projects and initiatives that Technogym has in the pipeline. This collaboration between SSS and Technogym ensures that SSS can provide the best possible support to partners utilizing Technogym products, ultimately enhancing the student experience and promoting Active Health opportunities.

During the visit, Ben had the chance to witness the wide range of products utilized by SSS partners in their establishments, as well as the newly developed Technogym App. Engaging with the developers, Ben was able to delve into the Active Health aspects of the products. Discussions revolved around areas such as tracking, solo and group challenges, and mindfulness and mental wellbeing. This firsthand experience allowed SSS to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Technogym products align with their Active Health approach.

Additionally, the visit included meetings with the corporate team at Technogym. These discussions focused on Technogym’s Active Workplace model, providing valuable insights that could be translated from the business context to higher education settings. This exchange of ideas further enriched the partnership between SSS and Technogym, fostering innovation and collaboration.

When asked to describe the visit in three words, Ben chose “active, exciting, and engaging.” The visit to the Technogym factory proved to be a dynamic experience, brimming with energy and the promise of advancements in the realm of Active Health.

SSS’s partnership with Technogym sets the stage for a fruitful collaboration, enabling SSS to leverage the latest developments in fitness technology to support their partners in promoting Active Health and providing exceptional student experiences.


Tuesday 27th June 2023

Scottish Student Sport is delighted to welcome Ben Rowlings to the team. Ben brings with him a range of perspectives on sport and will be filling the role of Sport and Active Health Co-ordinator.

Scottish Student Sport is delighted to welcome Ben Rowlings to the team. Ben brings with him a range of perspectives on sport and will be filling the role of Sport and Active Health Co-ordinator.

We caught up with Ben before his appointment to find out a wee bit more about him:

Can you tell us a wee bit about yourself and your new role?

My name is Ben and I have joined SSS as the new Sport and Active Health Co-ordinator. My background is in performance sport and disability sport and I have a real passion for getting people involved in sport and physical activity. My role at SSS is to work alongside our members and partners to get as many people active as possible.

Brilliant, can you fill us in on your sporting background?

My sporting background is based mainly in performance sport. I have been lucky to represent Great Britain at two Paralympic Games and multiple World and European Championships.

What has been your favourite live sporting moment that you’ve been a part of?

I have two that come to mind the first being a personal one, my first race at a Paralympic Games. Coming out of the call room underneath the Stadium in Rio and seeing the Paralympic Stadium open up in front of me.

The second being the 2004 Champions League Final in Istanbul. I have always been a massive Liverpool fan and that was the first football match I can remember being nervous watching (the last 45 minutes anyway).


Ben started this week and can be found via email at


Monday 26th June 2023

Scottish Student Trampoline champion disability sport through fundraising and new disability inclusive competition categories!

The Scottish Student Trampoline development group have championed disability sport within trampoline and beyond this year, raising money for Beeslack All Stars Disability Sports Club and striving to ensure everyone had a place at the Scottish Student Trampoline Open.

Jordan, Lynne, Hollie and Cait pictured from left to right a the Scottish Student Trampoline Open

Jordan, Lynne, Hollie and, Cait pictured from left to right

Through a number of fundraising events throughout the year the Trampoline development group raised funds to support Beeslack All Stars and the incredible work they do in providing young people with opportunities to participate in sport. Beeslack All Stars DSC are a grass-roots multi-ability, multi-sports, club linked with Scottish Disability Sport. They provide sporting opportunities for children and young adults with additional support needs and their siblings. At All Stars, everyone can try out new sports together, promoting improved physical and mental health, whilst developing their social and emotional skills, communication and confidence. All Stars also guide their members to pathways into SDS competitions, the Special Olympics, and have even had members go onto the Paralympics!

SST also worked hard to make their own events more inclusive, adding a disability category at the Scottish Student Trampoline Open for the first time ever!

Hollie Fullerton, SS Trampoline Chair said:

Representatives from Beeslack All Stars at the SS trampoline open handing out medals

Representatives from Beeslack All Stars presenting medals at the Scottish Student Trampoline Open

Our donations will allow them to fund their staffing, take on new members, and purchase specialist equipment. They are also local to SSTO, training just outside of Edinburgh. The work they are doing is a total lifeline for the families they support and they are heavily involved in their local and wider community.

We selected All Stars as our partner charity this year to celebrate and champion inclusion in sport which is especially prominent since it is our first year offering a disability category within SST.”

The SST development group raised money through their social bands, donating the profits back to All Stars. Through the generosity of the Scottish Student Sport Trampoline Community, £975 has been donated to Beeslack All Stars.

Every club that attended the Scottish Student Trampoline Open purchased social bands so they are all to thank for this generous donation.

If you would like to learn more about Scottish Student Sports’ wider inclusion and diversity work then please get in contact with Inclusion & Culture Coordinator Eilidh Paterson.


Friday 16th June 2023

BUCS AWARDS | See all the Scottish Students Shortlisted

The British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Awards are a prestigious recognition of outstanding athletic achievements within the UK’s University sport scene, held by our sister organisation.

Each year, talented student-athletes from across the country are nominated for their remarkable contributions to various sports. In recent years, Scottish students have consistently demonstrated their prowess and dedication, earning well-deserved nominations for these coveted awards. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exceptional Scottish students who have been shortlisted at this years BUCS Awards.


Special Recognition Award Shortlist

Stuart Allison – University of St Andrews

Digital Engagement Award Shortlist

Play.Train.Perform – University of Edinburgh

Recruiting the Twelfth Man – University of Stirling

Coach of the Year Shortlist

Claire Cruikshank – University of Edinburgh

Unsung Hero Shortlist

Gary McArthur – University of Edinburgh

Club of the Year Shortlist

Badminton Club – University of Glasgow

Chris Potter Student Volunteer of the Year

Regional Winner

Hannah Adams – University of Edinburgh


And a special note to GB Student’s Mens Curling team, shortlisted for team of the year and made up entirely of Scottish Students!

We’re absolutely delighted to see so much Scottish representation across the whole spectrum of awards, and it’s clear that our incredible students are helping the Scottish Student sport scene punch well above it’s weight.

The BUCS Awards are planned to take place on Thursday 13 July at the University of Leeds, read more here.


Thursday 8th June 2023

The prestigious Annual Scottish Student Sport Awards dinner took place at Queen Margaret University last night, Wednesday the 7th of June, as part of the SSS Conference.

SSS AWARDS 2023 | Celebrating Super Staff, Students and Volunteers!

The prestigious Annual Scottish Student Sport Awards dinner took place at Queen Margaret University last night, Wednesday the 7th of June, as part of the SSS Conference. This highly anticipated event brought together the finest staff, volunteers, coaches, and athletes within the Scottish Student Sport (SSS) network, honoring their exceptional contributions to student sport.

The event serves as a platform to recognize outstanding contributions across various categories, including Coach of the Year, Team of the Year, Club of the Year, Male Athlete of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Honorary Presidents Medal, and the Dr. Rob Macpherson Award.

Coach of the Year – Chris Geddes

The Coach of the Year award acknowledges the remarkable efforts of coaches who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, mentorship, and skill development within the SSS network. This year the award goes to the University of Stirling’s Mens High-Performance Football Coach Chris Geddes.

Club of the Year – University of St. Andrews Cheerleading Club

The Club of the Year award honors a student club that has shown exceptional commitment to fostering inclusivity, participation, and success in their sport. This year the award goes to the University of St. Andrews Cheerleading Club.

Team of the Year – University of Stirling Mens Football 1s

The Team of the Year award celebrates the collective achievements of a student team that has excelled in their respective sport. This accolade recognizes their outstanding performance, teamwork, and determination in representing their institution. Congratulations to the University of Stirling Mens Football 1s for taking home this award.

Male Athlete of the Year – Charlie Aldridge

The Male Athlete of the Year award acknowledges an outstanding male student athlete who has consistently demonstrated remarkable talent, dedication, and exceptional performance throughout the year. The 2023 Male athlete of the year is the University of Edinburgh’s Charlie Aldridge.

Female Athlete of the Year – Grace Reid

The Female Athlete of the Year award celebrates an exceptional female student athlete who has consistently exhibited remarkable talent, dedication, and extraordinary performance throughout the year. The 2023 Female athlete of the year is Grace Reid from the University of Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, neither Grace of Charlie could make it to the awards dinner, so their awards were collected by incoming and outgoing Sports Union presidents Peter Sawkins and Heather Lowden.

Volunteer of the Year – James Falls

The Volunteer of the Year award recognizes an individual who has selflessly devoted their time, energy, and expertise to support the development and growth of student sport within the SSS network. This year the award goes to James Falls from the University of Stirling.

Honorary Presidents Medal – Derek Docherty

The Honorary Presidents Medal is a prestigious award presented to an individual who has shown exemplary dedication and service to Scottish student sport over an extended period. This year’s medal was presented to the University of Edinburgh’s Derek Docherty.

Dr. Rob Macpherson Award – Paul Grady

The Rob MacPherson Volunteering award was inaugurated in 2016 following the death of Dr. Robin (Rob) Macpherson. No individual in our history has better embodied the positive culture of volunteering than Rob himself.  He was a tireless, wise, and extremely capable figure who dedicated much of his spare time to student golf, striving to develop opportunities for students and encouraged participation across the board. In Rob’s honour we’d like to recognise SSS Judo Chair Paul Grady, for his exemplary commitment to student Judo.


Congratulations to all of our award winners, please see our Facebook album for photos from the evening.


Thursday 8th June 2023

Scottish Student Sport is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the College Active Campus Network, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting health and well-being among students in higher education delivered in partnership with sportscotland and Colleges Scotland.

Scottish Student Sport is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the College Active Campus Network, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting health and well-being among students in higher education delivered in partnership with sportscotland and Colleges Scotland.

Funded by sportscotland, the £1.45m investment will strengthen the existing network of sport and physical activity staff already working within the college sector through the appointment of new Active Campus Coordinators.

Active Campus Coordinators will work to increase participation opportunities for students, with the first expected to be in post for the start of the academic year in August. It is anticipated that up to 18 Active Campus Coordinators will initially be appointed in colleges across the country. There is an aspiration that Active Campus Coordinators will be appointed in every Scottish college.

Central to the daily work of Active Campus Coordinators will be the creation of participation opportunities that improve the physical and mental wellbeing of students and staff. The innovative project will also further enhance the approach colleges take to creating high quality, effective work-based placements for sports students, helping equip them for potential future employment opportunities.

Details of the planned investment were confirmed at Scottish Student Sport’s 2023 Conference by Chief Executive of sportscotland Forbes Dunlop.

Read the full release from sportscotland by clicking here.