Monday 18th December 2023

In the spirit of collaboration the Active Campus Christmas Festival, organised by Glasgow Clyde College, West College Scotland, City of Glasgow College, and Kelvin College, unfolded as a resounding success.

In the spirit of collaboration the Active Campus Christmas Festival, organised by Glasgow Clyde College, West College Scotland, City of Glasgow College, and Kelvin College, unfolded as a resounding success.

Spearheaded by Active Campus Coordinators Natalie Dott, Savannah Antoine, Gregor Cree, and Grant Sutherland, the event aimed to foster engagement among supported learning students and provide a boost of fun as the autumn term draws to a close.

The festival, kindly hosted by the University of Strathclyde, provided a host of opportunities for a diverse group of 50 students from the various colleges. Amidst the festive spirit, these individuals got stuck into a variety of activities – all facilitated by a cohort of enthusiastic sport students from City of Glasgow College. Their energy and commitment was brilliant, helping to engage the participants in activities including badminton, zumba, boccia, and various ball games.

The event was not just about the activities; it was also about getting students trying new experiences, creating new relationships, and, most importantly, having fun. It was excellent to see students from the four colleges forming friendships and building a sense of community and belonging.

The Christmas Festival will hopefully provide a template for future success within the College sector, where there is a significant appetite to find creative ways to engage students in sport and active health – and particularly those students that would normally face barriers to inclusion.

Active Campus Coordinator Natalie Dott reflected on this pioneering day saying “The first of many Active campus festivals took place in Strathclyde Sports facility which saw over 50 supported learning students taking part in different forms of physical activity. This events outcome was many happy faces and lots of eager students who now want to participate in activity at their own college who wouldn’t have done so otherwise without attending this event.”

Collaborative Achievement: Within a short span of time, the four colleges Active Campus Coordinators successfully combined efforts to orchestrate an event benefiting 50 students. This collaboration exemplifies the potential for joint initiatives among educational institutions at a regional level.

Engagement and Sustainability: The City of Glasgow College students’ handling of activities paves the way for replicable models in future events. Their involvement not only made the event successful but also set a sustainable template for subsequent ones, with a focus on delivery to students, by students. This experience will also have enhanced their own learning and contributed to the outcomes of their course.

Community Building: Beyond the activities, the festival provided a platform for students to step into a university setting, expressing interest in broader engagements like joining the University of Strathclyde gym and getting to see the club structure. It also facilitated the formation of new friendships among individuals with shared experiences.

As for the future, there’s a collective desire across the Active Campus Network to replicate this model in varied formats throughout the year. This event serves as a testament to the positive effect of the Active Campus Coordinator roles in Scotland’s Colleges, showcasing the power of collaboration to provide opportunity to previously underserved student communities.

You can see the full album of photographs from the event, taken by Andrew Leinster, here.


Thursday 14th December 2023

Volunteer spotlight | Highlighting amazing people within the Scottish Student Sport Network

Volunteer spotlight | Highlighting amazing people within the Scottish Student Sport Network

Emory Anderson, a student at the University of St Andrews, embodies the spirit of dedicated community service and impactful volunteering, leaving an indelible mark at both the local and international level. Her commitment to fostering connections between the university and the town, particularly in the realm of football, stands as a testament to her passion for sport and community engagement.

From 2022 till the present, Emory has served as the University of St Andrews Football Club Marketing Representative, playing a pivotal role in elevating the club’s visibility. Notably, she amplified the club’s presence by extending its reach globally, especially in the USA, through strategic attendance at football showcases and the recruitment of prospective players. Emory’s efforts were not confined to administrative roles; she spearheaded successful charity football events, specifically aiming to nurture the growth of local girl footballers, thereby making a significant impact within the community.

Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering young female athletes was further demonstrated through her volunteer coaching at the St Andrews and East Fife Girls Football Club. Introducing strength and conditioning sessions for local female youth players and actively coaching the U16 team, Emory aimed to expand the participation of girls in football while imparting valuable skills and knowledge, showcasing a dedication to gender equality in sports.

Emory’s involvement in football-related volunteering extended globally with her participation in the FIFA Women’s World Cup internship in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. At the FIFA Accreditation Center in Dunedin, NZ, she played a vital role in ensuring the smooth execution of pre-match ceremonies and verifying accreditation, contributing significantly to the seamless organisation of this prestigious sporting event. Her involvement in the Women’s World Cup underscored her commitment to promoting women’s sports and representing Scottish Students on a global platform, advocating for inclusivity, and highlighting the pivotal role of female athletes in international football.

Emory’s dedication to football volunteering, community engagement, and the promotion of inclusivity both locally and globally stands as a beacon of inspiration within the student community. Her multifaceted contributions exemplify the transformative power of volunteering in creating connections and positive change, leaving a lasting impact on the communities she serves within university and beyond.

Emory has recently joined the Scottish Student Football Development Group as a Student Representative, and we’re delighted that she’ll continue to impact student football at the national level through her valuable input!

Do you know an amazing volunteer that deserved recognition? Send an email to Cameron to feature them.


Wednesday 13th December 2023

The fervor of student basketball reverberated through the newly constructed Caledonia Gladiators stadium at Playsport in East Kilbride. determination to a supportive crowd.

Scottish Student Basketball Trophy: A Thrilling Showdown at Playsport Arena

University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow Basketballers running on court

The fervor of student basketball reverberated through the newly constructed Playsport Arena in East Kilbride. As the pinnacle of student Basketball in Scotland it is incredibly to be supported by our only professional franchise, the Caledonia Gladiators. The stage was set for an exhilarating showdown as Universities clashed in the Scottish Student Basketball Trophy, displaying skill, and determination to a supportive crowd.

The Women’s competition kicked off with a heated battle between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. The University of Edinburgh emerged as a dominant force, showcasing a commanding performance. At halftime, Edinburgh led with an impressive score of 48 points to 17 against Glasgow. The second half saw an excellent display teamwork from Edinburgh, securing an emphatic victory with a final score of 104 points to 31. Lucy Lemmon was named MVP for her commanding presence on the court.

University of Stirling basketballer jumping fr the hoop with ball in hand

Following on, the Men’s competition featured a showdown between the University of Stirling and last years champions, the formidable University of Edinburgh. The game was a tough fought battle, with the University of Stirling taking an early lead that extended into 47 points to 30 at halftime. Stirling’s team displayed commendable coordination and offensive prowess into Edinburgh’s physical presence, particularly on the break. Despite a valiant effort from the University of Edinburgh in the second half, Stirling maintained their lead, clinching a well-deserved victory with a final score of 86 points to 65. Jack Hencher was named match MVP!


The success of this event was not just attributed to the prowess of the competing teams but also owes thanks to many volunteers that made it possible. The basketball development group, officials, Playsport Arena, and the Caledonia Gladiators played instrumental roles in making the tournament a resounding success. Special thanks were extended to Donald Stewart and Jonathan Boomer for capturing unforgettable moments through their photography.

You can see both albums from the Women’s here and Men’s here.

The tournament not only celebrated athletic excellence but also highlighted the camaraderie and sportsmanship shared among the competing students.


Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Re-scheduled Boccia Leaders Success!

DEVELOPMENT | Re-scheduled Boccia Leaders Success!

We were really excited to see Twenty Students, Staff and Sports Presidents from institutions across the network attend a Boccia Leaders Course delivered by our friends at Scottish Disability Sport.

We’re committed to offering opportunities to get students involved in sport, and as part of that we’re focused developing sports, like Boccia, that are accessible to all. Through our special projects fund we’ve provided Boccia equipment to many of our partner institutions and now we’re training up the workforce with development opportunities.

Well done to everyone that completed the course and a massive thank you to Scottish Disability Sport!



Friday 10th November 2023

Check out the results from the Scottish Student Judo Kyu Grade Tournament!

Friday 10th November 2023

Scottish Student Sport (SSS) and Scottish Fencing are excited to re-announce their partnership aimed at promoting and developing fencing among student athletes in Scotland.

Scottish Student Sport (SSS) and Scottish Fencing are excited to re-announce their partnership aimed at promoting and developing fencing among student athletes in Scotland.

Scottish Fencing have been a key partner over the years, and reconfirming our partnership ensures we move forward with dual purpose!

Chris Purdie, Head of Competitions, Scottish Student Sport said:

“Through the renewed partnership between Scottish Fencing and Scottish Student Sport, we aim to actively promote and develop the sport of fencing within the student community. We’re enthusiastic about working together to provide opportunities for students to engage in and excel at fencing, fostering a supportive and competitive environment that contributes to the growth of the sport in educational institutions.”

Clare Queen, Chief Operating Officer/Head of Pathways, Scottish Fencing added:

“We are delighted to renew our partnership agreement with Scottish Student Sport for another two years. Student fencers are an important part of the fencing community and we are looking forward to working with Scottish Student Sport and Scottish Student Fencing to help support and strengthen the student fencing clubs and student fencing events. The key focus will be on providing opportunities for student fencing clubs to develop, coaches, referees and volunteers.”

We can’t wait to see our student fencers back on the pistes!


Thursday 26th October 2023

We are thrilled to unveil the National Squad Programme for the 23/24 season, and it’s packed with exciting opportunities for students across the nation.

We are thrilled to unveil the National Squad Programme for the 23/24 season, and it’s packed with exciting opportunities for students across the nation. Read on below for the key highlights:

1. Returning Champions: We’re delighted to announce the return of the six sports that brought us stellar action last season. Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Country, Netball, Sailing, and Volleyball are all back with their representative squads, ready to once again display their talent and determination.

2. New Horizons: This season, we’re adding two exciting sports to our lineup – Football and Shinty. Football’s return is particularly noteworthy, marking a triumphant comeback after a hiatus due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t wait to see the new energy and skill these sports bring to our program.

3. A Dedicated Team: It’s not just about the athletes; it’s also about the dedicated individuals who make it all possible. We’re thrilled to see numerous familiar faces within our network taking on the important roles of Volunteer Support Staff. These incredible individuals are the backbone of our program, and you can catch updates about them on our SSS social media channels every week. Keep your eyes peeled; you might just recognize some outstanding contributors!

4. Fostering Student Development: We’re committed to the continual growth and development of our program. One of our overarching objectives is to recognize the tremendous opportunity this program provides to students. It’s a chance to be part of a performance pathway while pursuing their academic endeavors at college or university. We believe in nurturing the potential of our young athletes and supporting their journey towards excellence.

5. An Action-Packed Season Ahead: As we look ahead to the 23/24 season, we’re filled with anticipation. This season promises to be action-packed, with athletes from various sports disciplines coming together to showcase their skills, dedication, and teamwork. Get ready for a season of incredible sportspersonship and memorable moments.

We invite all sports enthusiasts, students, and supporters to join us in this exciting journey. The National Squad Programme 23/24 is not just about sports; it’s about passion, growth, and community. Let’s come together to make this season unforgettable!


Thursday 12th October 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news: the successful acquisition of brand new trampolines through the SSS Special Projects Fund.

We are absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent achievement: the successful acquisition of brand new trampolines through the SSS Special Projects Fund.

The SSS Special Projects Fund is a vital initiative that channels its resources into projects with a sustainable impact on the student sporting community. It focuses on funding projects of up to £5000 that align with the core values of SSS, ultimately promoting growth and development in the student sports realm.

We were able to secure two state-of-the-art trampolines, along with two end decks and a middle mat, all procured this year. What makes this even more remarkable is that we obtained these high-quality items at a significant discount, thanks to the generous support from the Sparta Trampoline Club. Their unwavering dedication to the student trampoline community has made our funds go further than we could have ever imagined, and for that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

To ensure that these new trampolines and equipment are accessible and can be effectively utilized, they will be housed at Glasgow Caledonian University’s ARC facility. This strategic move serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it will support the club’s growth, providing members with top-notch equipment for training and competition. Additionally, this arrangement ensures that the venue can host SSS competitions and activities for many years to come, enhancing the overall student sports experience.

Students from all across Scotland will soon have the opportunity to make use of this equipment during the upcoming Scottish Student Trampoline Training Weekend, scheduled for the 20th and 21st of October. This event will serve as a fantastic opportunity for students to come together, hone their skills, and foster a sense camaraderie within the student trampoline community.


“I am so incredibly pleased that our SSS special project funding application has been successful in securing £4000 to purchase two trampolines, two end decks, two end deck mats and a middle mat from Sparta Trampoline Club for GCU.
This will have an amazingly beneficial impact on the GCU team. Not only will it literally double their training time, but they will also now be able to have a safer parallel set-up, which makes learning new skills much less scary! They are also now able to regularly train synchronised trampoline which the team excel in. Although GCU is a small team, they have so much potential and lots of up-and-coming gymnasts who we’ll have to keep an eye on at SSTO! We hope these additional trampolines really empower them to achieve their full potential in the sport and attract lots of new members.
Alongside this, the whole Scottish Student Trampoline community benefits from GCU now being able to hold league events and open training sessions!
We are so grateful to Sparta Trampoline Club SCIO for their continued support and close ties to the student trampoline community. This transaction will result in their ability to buy more amazing equipment for their venue as well, promoting a sustainable circular economy!” Hollie Fullerton, Scottish Student Trampoline Chair


During the periods that fall between our various competitive events and tournaments, the members of the GCU Trampoline Club will be afforded the invaluable opportunity to utilize these tables for their own training sessions.


“GCU Students’ Association is absolutely delighted to hear about the two trampolines and end decks that have arrived at GCU Arc and are funded by Scottish Student Sport Special Project Funds. This equipment will help our own trampoline club to grow and develop as well as offering opportunities to the wider Scottish student trampoline community to use the Arc as a place to train and compete. Thanks to Scottish Student Trampoline Development Group, GCU Arc staff and GCU Trampolining for collaborating, organising and supporting this initiative”. Solomon Ajala (Vice President GSBS, GCU Students’ Association)


The team at SSS is absolutely thrilled to witness the tangible and positive impact that our Special Projects funding has had on the development of student trampolining in Scotland. The success stories that have emerged from the projects we’ve supported have been nothing short of inspiring. Whether it’s through new equipment, enhanced facilities, or innovative initiatives, the Special Projects fund has played a pivotal role in fostering sustainable growth and positive change within the student sporting community. The continued evolution of student trampolining in Scotland is a testament to the power of strategic investment and shared ambition.

Are you excited about the prospect of bringing your own innovative project to life? If so, we encourage you to consider applying for a Special Project grant. The SSS team is here to support and collaborate with you in turning your vision into reality. To kickstart the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Business Manager, Julia Stenhouse.




Thursday 28th September 2023

In an exciting development for the student sporting community, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is thrilled to announce the successful purchase of seven brand-new table tennis tables through its Special Projects Fund.

In an exciting development for the student sporting community, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is thrilled to announce the successful purchase of seven brand-new table tennis tables through its Special Projects Fund. This initiative is a significant step forward for the organisation and demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the student table tennis experience in Scotland.

Special Projects Funding: A Brief Overview

The Special Projects Fund is a cornerstone of SSS’s mission to support student athletes and foster sustainable sporting initiatives. This fund allocates resources to projects that have a lasting impact on the student sporting community and align with SSS’s core values. Projects eligible for funding can receive up to £5000, enabling them to create a meaningful and sustainable difference.

Seven New Tables: A Game-Changer

The acquisition of seven new table tennis tables marks a milestone for student table tennis in Scotland. These tables boast a consistent design and a key accessibility feature—making them wheelchair-friendly. This inclusivity aspect is a testament to SSS’s commitment to ensuring that sports are accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities.

SSS’s strategic partnership with Table Tennis Scotland played a pivotal role in securing these tables. This collaboration not only facilitated a smoother acquisition process but also resulted in additional discounts, ensuring that the funds were stretched even further to benefit the student sporting community.

These new table tennis tables will find their home at Heriot-Watt University’s Oriam facility. Oriam is rapidly evolving into a hub for racket sports, including table tennis. The addition of these tables will further establish Oriam as a premier destination for athletes across Scotland.

Pictured; Cameron Hussain (TT Scotland), Jess Baillie (SSS), Max Tuma (HWU TT Club)

In October of this year and in the years to come, students from across Scotland will have the opportunity to use these tables to participate in Centralised BUCS League Fixtures. These tables will provide a dedicated and high-quality venue for competitive matches, elevating the student sporting experience in the region.

SSS has ambitious plans to collaborate with Oriam to make it the home of the Scottish Student Table Tennis Championships, hosted annually in February. This move promises to bring Heriot-Watt University into the spotlight during the prestigious Scottish Student Games weekend.

Alisa Khalid, Scottish Student Table Tennis Chair, highlighted the significance of these new tables, stating, “These additional table tennis tables are more than just equipment – they represent the growth and development of student table tennis in Scotland. Their purchase will help provide a dedicated venue for our Centralised BUCS League matches and, we hope, the Scottish Student Table Tennis Championships. They will help Heriot-Watt University’s Table Tennis Club develop too by creating an inviting environment for competitive play – inspiring new students to join the sport for both its social and competitive aspects.

Richard Yule, CEO of Table Tennis Scotland, expressed his excitement about the development, saying, “We’re absolutely delighted to see seven brand new Table Tennis tables delivered in collaboration between Scottish Student Sport and Table Tennis Scotland. It’s an exciting time for student Table Tennis, and these new tables will provide yet another venue for competitive fixtures and a space to further grow the student community.

The impact of these tables will be felt for years to come, fostering growth and development in student table tennis while providing a dedicated space for both competitive fixtures and training. As SSS continues to invest in special projects that align with its values, the future of student sports in Scotland looks brighter than ever.

If you’re interested in submitting an application for a Special Project please contact the SSS Business Manager, Julia Stenhouse, at


Wednesday 6th September 2023

Whether you’re a new student or staff member at a college or university in Scotland, we’re excited to have you as part of our community. Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is committed to promoting and supporting sport and physical activity among students. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to interact with Scottish Student Sport:

Welcome to Scottish Student Sport!

Whether you’re a new student or staff member at a college or university in Scotland, we’re excited to have you as part of our community. Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is committed to promoting and supporting sport and physical activity among students. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to interact with Scottish Student Sport:


Joining a Club at Your College or University:

One of the best ways to get involved in the Scottish sports community is by joining a club at your college or university. Here’s how to do it:

Explore Club Options: Start by exploring the list of clubs and sports available at your institution. Most universities and colleges have a dedicated sports and recreation department or website where you can find information about the clubs they offer.

Contact Club Representatives: Reach out to the club representatives or captains for the sport you’re interested in. They can provide you with details on membership, practice schedules, and upcoming events.

Attend Taster Sessions: Many clubs host taster sessions or welcome events at the beginning of the academic year. Attend these sessions to try out the sport and meet fellow students.


Signing up for a Scottish Student Sport Event via Our Website

SSS organizes various events and competitions throughout the year. Here’s how to sign up for these events:

Explore Events: Navigate to the “Events” section to see a list of upcoming events. Click on the event you’re interested in to access more information.

Registration: Follow the registration instructions provided on the event page. This typically involves creating an account on Playwaze and submitting your details.


Getting Involved with Our Leadership Academy

The SSS Leadership Academy offers valuable development opportunities for students. Here’s how to get involved:

Check Academy Offerings: Explore the Leadership Academy section on the SSS website by clicking here to learn about available programs, workshops, and leadership development opportunities.

Apply: When you find a program that interests you, follow the application process provided on the website.

Participate and Learn: Once accepted, actively participate in the academy activities and make the most of the leadership training provided.


Keeping Your Eye Out for Coaching and Training Opportunities

We’re running loads of different training and coaching opportunities this year, like our Reffin’ Brilliant program that focuses on training new officials. Here’s how to stay informed about opportunities:

Visit the coaching and officiating Page: Explore the training section on the SSS website for information on coaching courses, training sessions, and development programs by clicking here.

Keep your eyes peeled: Look at our social media pages regularly.

Register and Attend: Sign up for the courses or training sessions that align with your interests and goals. Attend these sessions to enhance your coaching and training skills.


Volunteer with Scottish Student Sport and Join Sports Development Groups

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the student sports community and develop your own skills. Here’s how to get involved:

Explore Volunteer Opportunities: Check the SSS website for information on volunteer positions and sports development groups looking for members by clicking here.

Apply to Volunteer: Complete the volunteer application process as outlined on the website. This may include submitting your CV or expressing your interests.

Engage and Contribute: Once accepted, actively participate in volunteer activities and collaborate with sports development groups to support student sports initiatives.


Contact a Staff Member for Collaboration:

If you’re a staff member interested in collaborating with SSS or have ideas for partnership, here’s how to get in touch:

Visit the Contact Us Page: Go to the “Contact Us” section on the SSS website to find contact information for staff members and departments or see our full contact directory here.

Reach Out: Send an email or make a phone call to the relevant staff member or department to discuss your interests and ideas for collaboration.


Scottish Student Sport offers a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts and numerous opportunities for students and staff to get involved, develop their skills, and contribute to sport in Scotland. Check out our website and social regularly to stay updated on events, programs, and opportunities tailored to your interests. We look forward to having you as an active member of our community!