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College Sport Award

The College Sport Award is a self-improvement framework for Colleges that wish to provide physical activity and sport opportunities to their students, staff and communities.

The Award is a key project for us and is part of the work we will do over the coming years as we aim to help build a world-class system for physical activity and student sport.

 ‘Our College recognises the unique role, value and potential that sport and physical activity has to enhance College life – that’s why we are involved in the College Sport Award’

We caught up with our Honorary President, Mr Mark Beaumont, to hear his views and endorsement of the College Sport Award. 


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Completing the Award requires a firm commitment from the College and Students Association around planning, staffing and timetabling which will naturally need to be resourced. However, the Award itself – including the staff support time from SSS – is free to sign up to, provided the College is already in membership of Scottish Student Sport.