Safeguarding in Sport

Key Information

On this webpage, you will find important documentation and information relating to Safeguarding in Sport. The Safeguarding in Sport service is a partnership between Children 1st and sportscotland to support clubs and organisations in keeping children and young people safe.

The Resources

There is one main document (Safegaurding in Sport Guidance) along with four supporting appendices (detailed below).

This pack is a collection of good practice guidelines and templates for Colleges, Universities or Student Sport Clubs can use to help promote young people’s wellbeing and help to keep them safe in student sport and related activities.

In order to ensure your College, University or Student Sport Club is a safe environment for young people it is recommended that all sections of this pack are implemented in alignment with existing institutional policies.

The pack is written with sports clubs or organisations in mind. It provides guidance and support for staff and volunteers working with young people in sports clubs or organisations and any member of staff or volunteer taking on the role of Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer (CWPO).

How to use it?

The documentation is available for members, partners and student sports clubs to use freely. You may want to utilise the resource in the following ways:

  • The documents in their entirety or select only the relevant sections.
  • To look at what is already in place at your College, University or Student Sport Club, to confirm the positives and/or identify any gaps.
  • To develop policies and procedures – templates can be used as-is or changed to suit your College, University or Student Sport Club’s needs.

Further Support

Further guidance and support are available from the Scottish Student Sport (SSS) Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer and the Children 1st Safeguarding in Sport Service.

If you have an immediate and serious concern about the safety of a child, contact the police and/or social work child protection team. Contact details of social work can be found on the relevant local authority website.


Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport: Board and Committee members training

In partnership with Children 1st, sportscotland has developed a new training resource for child wellbeing and protection in sport, specially aimed at board and committee members of clubs and sporting organisations.

Most safeguarding training predominantly targets practitioners such as coaches, volunteers, instructors and leaders and has sometimes lacked focus on specific leadership roles such as those on SGB boards and committees. This has in the past resulted in volunteers spending valuable time attending training not specific to their role. This new training for Board and Committee members is focused on the knowledge and skills board and committee members, including sub committees, require as the those responsible for the management sport clubs and organisations.

Who is it suitable for?

This e-Learning is suitable for anyone (+16 years) involved in a club or sports organisation as a board or committee member.

The aim of the training is to raise awareness for board and committee members, including sub committees, of how to protect the wellbeing of children and young people in sport. It will inform learners of the theory, knowledge and practice which underpins child wellbeing and protection in sport.

How can the training be accessed?

Anyone can access the training through sportscotland’s virtual learning environment – Brightspace. They will also receive a certificate of completion.

To get started use this link – Child and Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS): Board and Committee Members training (


Safeguarding in Sport Guidance

 Role Descriptors and Recruitment

PVG and Self-Declaration

 Template Parental Consent Form

Concern Recording Form