Wednesday 19th October 2022

Athletics Opening Match

Emirates Arena, 1000 London Rd, Glasgow, G40 3HG

The Scottish Student Athletics Opening Match is the first in the calendar for this coming year! This is a great opportunity to stretch your legs an encourage any newbies in the club to experience a relaxed, competitive environment.

We are seeking volunteers to support the event, so please sign up HERE if you are able to support even for just an hour at a time.

Venue: Emirates Arena, 1000 London Rd, Glasgow, G40 3HG

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2022

Declarations and Timetable: Declarations opens at 10am. Please register no later than 1 hour before your event. The FINALISED event timetable can be found HERE. Please read this carefully as some event times have changed from the provisional timetable we released earlier (especially in the Field)

Eligibility: Any student currently matriculated at a Scottish University or College is eligible to enter via the Student Entry forms. Anyone who is not a current student (Alumni, club-runner etc.) will be asked to enter as a ‘Guest’ – subject to space – and will be asked to pay a higher fee as per our Eligibility and Entry Guidelines document and Event Terms and Conditions

Entries: Entries are now closed for all event barring relays, which are to be paid for in EXACT CHANGE on the day of the event (£16 per team – max two teams, per event, per institution)

Payments: If you/your athletes clicked ‘Defer Payment’ upon entering, the Sports Union of the relevant institution will be invoiced for their fees

Pre-Event Information: All entrants are asked to read this Pre-Event-Information Document IN FULL before attending the event, to be sure they have all they information they need before they arrive

Please note medals will not be awarded as this is a fun opener to the season.

Spectators: Please note that there is limited seating available in the stand so spectators may need to watch from beside the track

Results: Results are available online HERE and in Excel format HERE. Also on Power of 10 HERE!

Video: Check out our highloghts video from this event HERE

Feedback: We appreciate all feedback on our events, so please take 2 minutes to complete this survey after the event and let us know what you thought! It helps us keep improving the competitions

Stay In Touch! Please join the Scottish Student Athletics Facebook Page HERE, follow on Twitter HERE or head over to Instagram HERE to stay connected, using the hashtag #ScotStuAthletics!

Contact: All enquiries regarding this event should be sent to our Scottish Student Athletics Chair, Kirsten Mullen, on

This event is licenced by scottishathletics