Sunday 4th February 2023

Wheelchair Basketball Festival (SS Games)

Crags Sport Centre, 10 Bowmont Pl, Edinburgh, EH8 9RY

SS Basketball are delighted to bring back an event which was sadly cancelled last year due to Omicron! The SS Wheelchair Basketball Festival is a fun, mixed team event designed to provide competition for not only those currently competing in wheelchair basketball – but anyone else who fancies giving it a go!

Inclusive to everyone – whether you have a disability or not.

Date: 5th February 2023

Venue: Crags Sports Centre

Registration: 1230

Eligibility: Experienced wheelchair basketball players and complete beginners are welcome! Able-bodied players are as welcome to join as those who may usually use a chair.

All players involved must be currently matriculated and able to show student cards upon request. If you are not part of a student club, or your Sports Union, please ensure you arrange a free Recreational Wheelchair membership via basketballscotland HERE to be covered by the appropriate insurance.

Player Entry: Players are asked to enter individually via the SSS Playwaze system (click HERE for a How To Guide), providing their experience level on the entry form. Teams will be formed with a fair balance of experience level.

Equipment: basketballscotland will be providing chairs for use, but players are welcome to bring their own wheelchairs if they have one

Entries: Entries are now closed

Results: Well done to everyone who participated! Please click HERE for the full results

Photos: Please go to our Facebook Page to view the photos from this event

Article: Please click HERE for a round up of the SSGames!

SSS Terms and Conditions: All entries are subject to the SSS Terms and Conditions

Contact: All enquiries about this event should be directed to SS Basketball Chair, Eamonn Laird, on

Social Media: Please like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date! Use the hashtag #ScotStuBasketball to follow the action too!

What Do You Think? Please let us know your thoughts about the event via our feedback survey HERE

Terms and Conditions: Participation is subject to these Terms and Conditions

Thank you basketballscotland for their support in running this event