Friday 11th September 2020

BiteSSSize Best Practice Webinar Series – PITCH IN

SSS, in partnership with Fidra, are excited to deliver this webinar on the environmental impact of synthetic pitches.

BiteSSSized Best Practice Webinar Series – Episode 1

Delivered in collaboration with FidraKIMO International, the Centre for Sports Facilities and Technology (Trondheim, Norway) and EUAC, this season’s first best practice webinar will focus on the hidden issue of micro-plastics on artificial pitches and how we can all PitchIn to reduce plastic pollution across our network of facilities.

Title: Pitch-In: Artificial Pitches and Micro-plastics

Date: Friday 11th September 2020

Time: 1030 am – 1200 pm

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If you have questions or would like further details, please contact Neil Rankin, South East Regional Development Coordinator.