Wednesday 9th March 2022

Conference Finals

Sports Centre, St Leonards Road, St Andrews, KY16 9DY

We are so excited to return to St Andrews for Conference Cup and Trophy finals matches across the board!

Venue: Saints Sport Centre, St Andrews
Date: Wednesday 9th March 2022

Schedule: Please click HERE for the timetable for this event.

Please note that this does not contain times for other Finals due to take place, as the venue does not have capacity to host them. These are to be arranged to take place at the named home team’s venue:

  • Men’s Basketball Trophy
  • Men’s Futsal Cup
  • Mixed Golf Cup
  • Men’s Squash Cup

Teams Essential Information:

  • Please arrive no later than 1 hour before your match and register near reception
  • Please bring your own warm up equipment
  • Match times have been scheduled around the time required to clean the changing rooms between uses (for COVID-19 prevention) so please ensure you pay close attention to the changing room time and space you will be emailed in your pre-event information email
  • Please ensure you have read your pre-event information email and are prepared with your team lines and registration time

SSS Event COVID-19 Guidance: Please note, SSS will ask you to read this Disclaimer and complete this Self-Declaration Form before competing. Your participation is also subject to these Terms and Conditions, which state the protocols which will be followed on the day to keep you, and us, safe. All training days will be carried out in accordance with the latest COVID-19 advice from the Scottish Government.

Parking: Please note there is limited parking next to the facility, most of which will be designated to the event’s workforce. All cars and minibuses should therefore look to park in the Bells Brae parking area, KY16 9BY. Please see map attached for directions on how to get to Saints Sport via Bells Brae.

*COACHES* All vehicles larger than a minibus should not attempt to drive up towards the facility OR park in Bells Brae parking. Instead, please ensure your coach drivers:

  • DROP OFF – David Russell Apartments (KY16 9LY)
  • WAIT – Station Park KY16 9TB
  • PICK UP – David Russell Apartments (KY16 9LY) OR from Bells Brae (KY16 9BY)

Catering: The facility now has a café available to serve hot drinks and food such as paninis

Mascot Race: 2pm on the athletics track – make sure your institution is represented!

No Smoking Day: 9th March is ASH Scotland’s No Smoking Day so we encourage all event attendees to choose not to smoke that day

Spectators: There is a strict NO ALCOHOL policy on campus.

There is no limit to the number of outdoor spectators each team can bring, however please note that Sports Union staff will be asked to support with crowd management of any spectators from their institution.

Spectators for indoor sports must be responsible in their positioning. Basketball and Netball spectators should sit one seat apart from each other. Badminton and Volleyball spectators should use the upstairs meeting room to view the hall and wear masks due to poor ventilation in that room. Tennis spectators should be considerate of where they stand when they watch the matches.

Follow the Action: Tag @ScotStuSport in your social media so we can celebrate with you! We’re also using the hashtag #CFinals2022 so please join us

For all enquiries regarding this event, please contact our Events Coordinator, Jess Barrows, on