16th October 2021 - 19th February 2022

Rifle Postal League Entry Deadline

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This year we are excited to see the return of the SS Rifle Postal League which enables individuals and teams to have greater access to shooting competitions at a safe distance! Your institution does not even need to have a full rifle team in order to take part!

Venue: Your local range

Rounds 1-5 – 18/12/21

Round 6-10 – 19/02/22

Eligibility: Intermediate shooters from any SSS-affiliated member institution are eligible to enter (a novice postal league will be released shortly). If you don’t have a student rifle club at your institution, you can still enter, we just ask you are a member of your Sports Union for insurance purposes.

Rules and Regulations: This year we have made changes to the rules in order to allow for substitutions and to limit late submissions. Please read these updates HERE in detail before entering

Entries: Please click HERE for full event details and to enter using the new SSS Playwaze system. To sign-up to the SSS Playwaze system, please follow these steps

Entry Deadline: Please enter no later than 4pm on 13th October 2021

Contact: For all enquiries regarding this event, please contact our SS Rifle Chair, David Thompson, on sssriflechair@gmail.com

Stay Connected: Click HERE to join the Scottish Student Rifle Facebook Group and follow the hashtag #ScotStuRifle on all other channels.