15th January 2024 - 16th March 2024

Rifle Postal League (Novice) Entry Deadline

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SS Rifle are delighted to bring back the Postal League for Intermediates this year! The event allows students to compete from a range that suits them.

The indoor Novice Small Bore Rifle Postal competition comprising of individual, team and novice competition. The purpose of this postal league is to allow greater access to competition and encourage participation amongst Scottish Institutions, particularly for those who are unable to make it to any weekend-away matches. Furthermore, this league aims to provide an easily accessible platform for students from Institutions which do not have a full rifle team who wish to be involved in Scottish Student Sport rifle competitions. We look forward to seeing you getting involved!

Eligibility: Novice shooters from any SSS-affiliated member institution are eligible to enter. If you don’t have a student rifle club at your institution, you can still enter, we just ask you are a member of your Sports Union for insurance purposes as per our Terms and Conditions

Format: An indoor Small Bore rifle postal competition comprising of individual, team and novice competition (Please note: novices enter at a later date).

  1. Mixed Triad (Team of 3, Mixed Gender, 8 cards)
  2. Individual League (Multiple Individuals, Mixed Gender, 8 Cards)


Entry deadline: Midday on 14th December 2023

Rounds 1-5 – Begin 15/01/24
Round 5-10 – End 16/03/24

Equipment/Match Organisation: Please see the Rules and Regulations of this competition for more details


  1. Mixed Triad – £12 per team
  2. Individual League – £5 per person

Entries: Please enter via the SSS Playwaze system online. Our ‘How To’ Guide explains how to sign up

Payment: You will be able to pay by card on this system. If you wish to request support from your Sports Union to cover the cost of your attendance, please click ‘Defer Payment’ and this will send them an invoice request. PLEASE NOTE – you should talk to your Sports Union about financial support BEFORE you sign-up to this event

SSS Terms and Conditions:  Your participation is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Contact: All enquiries about this event should be directed to SS Rifle Chair, Thomas Ralph, on sssriflechair@gmail.com

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