Saturday 27th November 2021

Trampoline League Event 1

University of Dundee, Old Hawkhill, Dundee, DD1 4HN

This event will host the first league match of the Scottish Student Trampoline League 2021-22 calendar after a long break!

Venue: ISE, University of Dundee

Date: Saturday 27th November 2021

Time: 0900-1700

Eligibility: Available for all students currently matriculated (have a current student card), though please note that we are accepting Individual Event entries only, due to limited capacity

Entry Cost: Entries are now closed

Timetable: The competition timetable and bounce lists can be found HERE

Results: Follow the action live HERE!

Competition Format: Due to the hall capacity of 76 people in the hall at one time, individual entries ONLY are being accepted. Other implications are:

  • Only officials (includes media reps from clubs), competitors and a club coach may be in the hall
  • Timetable will balance groups as much as possible for fairness, but some groups will need to vacate the hall for periods at a time
  • If the competition can’t accommodate the number of entries, we may have to cap certain categories

Judging: We need as many officials as possible from clubs, otherwise the competition may not run. SS Trampoline are looking in to hosting judges courses where possible, to increase numbers, but this is not guaranteed

SSS Event COVID-19 Guidance: Please note, SSS will ask you to read this Disclaimer and complete this Self-Declaration Form before arrival at each fixture. Your participation is also subject to these Terms and Conditions, which state the protocols which will be followed on the day to keep you, and us, safe. All events will be carried out in accordance with the latest COVID-19 advice from the Scottish Government.

Everyone should wear masks in the hall and surrounding facility. Only those actively on a trampoline are allowed to unmask.

Social: Please contact the SS Trampoline Chair for details re. the social activity following the match

Contact: For further details about this event, please contact SS Trampoline Chair (Joshua Watters) on