21st-22nd October 2023

Reffin Brilliant: Trampolining Judging Course

SST Judging Course held at University of Glasgow.

Learn to be a SST Judge! The SST 23/24 Judging Course coincides with our Glasgow Training Weekend (see the separate Playwaze event for further information).

Judges are a vital part of our SST community and allow all our competitions to run. Completing a judging course helps out your club and is a great way to learn more about the sport you love so much!


  • Execution Session: Saturday 21st October 9am-5pm
  • Difficulty Session: Sunday 22nd October 9am-5pm

Venue: Room 430 in the JMS building of University of Glasgow

Eligibility: All attendees must be a fully matriculated student with an Institution of Higher Education in Scotland as per our Terms and Conditions


  • Execution – Anyone is welcome to come on the Execution course
  • Difficulty – This course is a bit harder so it is recommended that you are already able to recognise all trampoline shapes and single somersaults with little hesitation. Please make sure to check out our preparatory resources as well to help you!

Organisation: Please bring along a pencil case and notebook!

Course Costs: The courses costs £10 each. It’s £15 if you attend both!

Sign-Up Deadline: 5pm, October 9th 2023

Payment: You will be able to pay by card on the playwaze system

Info Pack: Please see the information pack for the courses HERE

Contact: All enquiries about this event should be directed to Hollie Fullerton, SST Chair, on ssstrampoline1@gmail.com and Jo Foster (SSS Learning and People Coordinator) on jo@scottishstudentsport.com