Wednesday 12th July 2023

PARTNERSHIPS | Ben Visits Technogym HQ

SSS Sport and Active Health Coordinator Ben recently embarked on an exciting trip to the Technogym factory in Bologna.

SSS Sport and Active Health Coordinator Ben recently embarked on an exciting trip to the Technogym factory in Bologna. On Wednesday 5th July, Ben flew to Italy with the Technogym team to explore the latest developments within the Technogym range and discuss how SSS can utilize this knowledge to better support their partners on their Active Health journey.

The invitation extended to SSS was a result of the exciting news that Technogym had become a key commercial partner moving forward. This partnership opened up the opportunity for SSS staff to visit the Technogym headquarters and interact with the product and digital development teams, gaining insight into the upcoming projects and initiatives that Technogym has in the pipeline. This collaboration between SSS and Technogym ensures that SSS can provide the best possible support to partners utilizing Technogym products, ultimately enhancing the student experience and promoting Active Health opportunities.

During the visit, Ben had the chance to witness the wide range of products utilized by SSS partners in their establishments, as well as the newly developed Technogym App. Engaging with the developers, Ben was able to delve into the Active Health aspects of the products. Discussions revolved around areas such as tracking, solo and group challenges, and mindfulness and mental wellbeing. This firsthand experience allowed SSS to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Technogym products align with their Active Health approach.

Additionally, the visit included meetings with the corporate team at Technogym. These discussions focused on Technogym’s Active Workplace model, providing valuable insights that could be translated from the business context to higher education settings. This exchange of ideas further enriched the partnership between SSS and Technogym, fostering innovation and collaboration.

When asked to describe the visit in three words, Ben chose “active, exciting, and engaging.” The visit to the Technogym factory proved to be a dynamic experience, brimming with energy and the promise of advancements in the realm of Active Health.

SSS’s partnership with Technogym sets the stage for a fruitful collaboration, enabling SSS to leverage the latest developments in fitness technology to support their partners in promoting Active Health and providing exceptional student experiences.