Friday 30th September 2016

Keep Fit, Try Something New & Support a Fabulous Student Club

Edinburgh University Exmoor Pony Trekking Section

As the Business & Communications Manager with Scottish Student Sport I have had many opportunities to try new sports and meet lots of fascinating people, but on Saturday I had a uniquely Scottish experience.  I headed out to the Pentlands to meet EUEPTS.  EUEPTS stands for ‘Edinburgh University Exmoor Pony Trekking Section’.  They are a non-profit, student run organisation and a university society, running treks for students and the general public.

The majority of the tour leaders are either involved in medicine or veterinary medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and they still find time from their heavy course load to work with the ponies.

Cards on the table, I had a scary horse experience when I was about 10 years old, and since then the only horse I have sat on has been made of plastic and firmly attached to a carousel.  I was a bit nervous initially but the EUEPTS team were so friendly and so knowledgeable they put me at ease right away, and I also had my friend Steph with me for moral support.   Many of the ponies are assigned by height and I was teamed up with Freddy, and experienced but gentle trekker.  I was fitted for a safety helmet and then picked up a brush to give Freddy a wee rub down before our ride, I really wanted to get on his good side!  We had a full demonstration on how to mount and steer the ponies, there was time for questions and then we set off.  We took a lovely tour down the hills and even had time for a wee cantor, which I tried but not sure I completely managed!

I had a great time with the team at EUEPTS, I would recommend it highly.  Any level of rider can come and experience this cheeky native breed whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings from horseback. What a great opportunity to visit the Scottish hills and have a truly unique experience.

They trek from September to May in the Pentland Hills starting in Swanston. From June to August they trek in the Ochil Hills starting in Glendevon. For exact dates of trekking in each location please get in touch with them; or check out their website;

pony 3pony 2pony 4— Jenni Lloyd