Monday 7th February 2022

Spotlight On | Glasgow Caledonian University Fencing Club

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, we are shining a light on student clubs that would like to share their work.

12 club members gathered in a semi circle

Ryan from Glasgow Caledonian University Fencing Club, got in touch with our Inclusion & Culture Coordinator Eilidh to highlight the work the club is doing to ensure their current and future LGBTQ+ members know they are welcome.

Hello Ryan, thank you for reaching out to SSS. How has the return to fencing been for the club?

Navigating the intricacies of compliance and trying to ensure the safety of our members has taken a serious amount of thought and effort on our part. That’s being said, we are super happy that we could get back into the swing of things and easily worked off the lockdown rust we had built up. Our members came back with amazing enthusiasm for the sport and we have picked up some new members who’ve shown that same love and appreciation for fencing. We are ready to put the last few years behind us and build up our club to new highs.

Can you tell us what steps the club is taking to make fencing more welcoming to and inclusive of LGBTIQ+ students?

We try to make our sport more inclusive and welcoming to all students by being champions of inclusion in fencing. We always take the opportunity to engage with relevant campaigns and create a supportive community in the club where all individuals are welcome and members are actively trying to promote equality in everything we do.

Why do you think it is important to celebrate awareness dates such as LGBTQ+ History Month?

It is important to pause for recognition of the unique challenges faced by those in the LGBTIQ+ community and for all of us to play our part in supporting and championing LGBTIQ+ causes.

“We are ready to put the last few years behind us and build up our club to new highs”

What would you like to say to an LGBTQ+ student who would like to join your club but is worried about how they may be received?

Come along! We do our absolute best to accommodate everyone and we provide an inviting and non-judgemental environment. If you do have any concerns feel free to contact our committee, we will do our best to answer any concerns or tackle any issues you might have before you come along on the day.

Thank you to EUBC for sharing their development journey with us and we look forward to sharing other stories over LGBTQ+ History Month.