Monday 28th August 2017

Stick Your Oar In!

It’s Monday, why not! We take a look at some of our favourite Instagram pics from the Boat Clubs around Scotland and put them in one place, just for you.

3, 2, 1, LIFT!

Strathclyde give us some lifting realness at Strathclyde Country Park as the club starts preparing for the new year. Both the Men and Women’s squad got in on the photo shoot action putting together their ‘portfolio for next seasons copy of Vogue!’… Not sure if this is a real thing or not, but, we want a copy. #quadsquad

Set Course For The Tay

This might just be our favourite insta’s of a sunrise over the Tay. Dundee University Boat Club share some stunning images and video content on their account, such as the launch of their new website, charitable work and stylish kit! Looks like they are gearing up for the influx of freshers in a few weeks.

All Ahead Full

Many clubs have been training over summer including the University of St. Andrews Boat Club who are hosting the Lochore Sprints Regatta taking place on the 9th of September. This is a great piece of footage from current alumni club president Ollie who, much like the Flying Scotsman, is smashing out his starts before the sprints kick off.

The entry for the Regatta has passed but it sounds like a great day for spectators with food, entertainment and great racing!

Oh Becca What You Do…

In the making of our promo video, we asked multiple members of the team to capture some action footage in the hope of getting the most aesthetic and diverse range of shots possible. Without a doubt, the worst cinematographer in not only GUBC, but potentially also the whole country was Becca Perry. 0/10 would not recommend her service to anyone, very disappointed with her hopeless attempt at filming. Luckily all our other members were much more proficient, so everything worked out in the end- if you haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet you can take a look through the link in our bio Needless to say, Becca’s filming input was minimal so we would 11/10 recommend watching, your life will probably be changed by the experience (but no guarantee)

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Not all footage turns out the way we think it will and this clip from Glasgow University Boat Club kind of speaks for itself. We have all been there Becca, and don’t let this put you off. 10/10 for trying, 4/10 for your team mates not telling you it was facing the heavens.

The club have a great following online and share some spectacular images, queue the drone shot!

Three’s A Crowd, Eigh William

Some early morning practice before SPR this weekend #rowing#stirling#SPR#regatta #singles#just_rowing

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A slight throwback for Stirling University Boat Club, but none the less a great insta. Hats off to all the Boat Clubs for their early morning training sessions before and during term – #BowDown. The club are featured on the Forth at Stirling Rowing Club with the legendary and historic Wallace Monument in the background. They share a great selection of images from attending the Stirling Sports Ball to some Easter fundraising, club success and some stylish club sweater – Want!

Make It Blue, Make It Purple, Make It Blue!

Lastly, team work makes the dream work… or some cool teamwork saying… From University Rowing Aberdeen (URA) we have both Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen Boat Clubs working as one at the Aberdeen Head of the River. URA is a partnership between both Universities supporting novice rowers to high-performance student athletes in Aberdeen. We love this insta with both clubs in their individual onsies.

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