Tuesday 15th February 2022

Spotlight On | University of Aberdeen Boxing Club

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, we are shining a spotlight on student clubs that would like to share their work.

Oscar from the University of Aberdeen Boxing Club, got in touch with our Inclusion & Culture Coordinator Eilidh to highlight the work the club is doing to ensure their current and future LGBTQ+ members know they are welcome.

Hello Oscar, thank you for reaching out to SSS. How has the return to boxing been for the club?

After the last year, going back to the new normality took us more organisation than we expected. The University of Aberdeen released a number of guidelines to assure a safe return, which helped us set up a COVID-safe environment. Since the start of the course, we are asking for at least one negative covid test, and we keep a record of the members who attend training. These protocols have allowed us to start organising socials including a big boxing show, that allows members to get to know each other.

Can you tell us what steps the club is taking to make boxing more welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQ+ students?

By making it clear that this is a place for everyone. We do not discriminate or judge. As an example, in our latest social, we provided tags where members can write down their pronouns.

team social playing pool

Why do you think it is important to celebrate awareness dates such as LGBTQ+ History Month?

I think it is incredibly important in a sport like boxing, riddled with toxic masculinity and prejudice, to celebrate and make everybody aware of months such as LGBT History Month. Many people in the past, who may have been boxers, were too afraid to express themselves and be their true selves.

What would you like to say to an LGBTQ+ student who would like to join your club but is worried about how they may be received?

It is hard to venture into a new sport, club, or environment, not knowing if people are going to like you or judge you. I would tell them that in our club, we welcome everybody, and finally, if they have any worries or doubts we have an equity officer who is there to help.

Thank you to AUBC for sharing their development journey with us and we look forward to sharing stories over LGBTQ+ History Month.

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