Wednesday 1st February 2023

Getting To Know Cycling

Want to know more about Cycling before joining a society? Here’s a quick overview of the sport and what SSS has to offer.

When it comes to modes of transportation on land and sea, there will almost certainly be a corresponding sport that uses said modes to race. Cycling is no different. Invented in 1917 by Karl Von Drais, the bicycle has become one of the world’s most popular transportation tools due to its ease of accessibility and relatively cheap cost.

Cycling, as a sport, is very broad as there are several cycling events. In the Olympics, cycling is split into four categories: Road Cycling, Track Cycling, Mountain Biking and BMX. These all work in a similar fashion where two or more cyclists (apart from BMX where it’s taken in turns) will race across a predetermined path where the competitor who finishes with the fastest time is declared the winner. The difference between these events is the terrain they take place on.

Cycling has been an Olympic event during the entirety of its modern resurgence. Great Britain is the most successful nation in Olympic history with 33 gold, 26 silver and 20 bronze medals. At the 2020 Olympics, Great Britain won six gold medals where they won the Women’s Keirin, Men’s Omnium, Women’s Madison, Men’s Cross-Country, Women’s Race and Women’s Freestyle.

Each year Scottish Student Sport hosts the SS Cycling Series where universities compete with each other to be crowned the SS Cycling Challenge. There is also a BUCS League for students to get involved with. If you wish to know more, click the following link:

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