Thursday 31st August 2023

Scottish Student Sport Welcomes a New Business Manager

Scottish Student Sport Welcomes a New Business Manager, read on to find out more!

Scottish Student Sport is delighted to welcome Julia Stenhouse as SSS Business Manager. 

Julia, former Sports President at the University of Edinburgh, joins us from the Scottish Handball Association to take over our Business Operations. She’s a student sport expert and brings a wealth of operational experience that will round out SSS’ Summer Signings!

We caught up with Julia to ask her a few questions before she joins the SSS team.


What are you most excited about in joining the SSS team?


I am really looking forward to working day-to-day alongside such a fantastic group of people, as well as re-joining the Scottish Student network! I am constantly amazed and inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of student volunteers and athletes and I can’t wait to get back involved.

What’s the best live sporting moment that you’ve been a part of/seen?


It’s a bit of a stretch to say I was ‘part of’ her moment, but I did report on Eilish McColgan’s incredible 10,000m gold medal finish at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as part of Team Scotland’s media delegation. It was such an incredible moment, for her, and for Scotland, and it’s something I’ll always treasure.


What’s your sporting background, do you play or watch a specific sport?


I played tennis and hockey at school, but only continued with hockey at university where I played as a goalkeeper. Sadly, an injury in my second year caused a step away from playing in goals, but I did use my new-found ‘free time’ to get more involved in volunteering with the University Sports Union. I now play and coach recreational hockey at my local club, as well as try to get away skiing at some point during the winter months!


Additionally, since working for Scottish Handball – and having learnt the rules – I love watching international handball. I absolutely love the pace, ferocity, and skill of the game.


What is your ideal holiday destination? 


My ideal holiday destination would be to Australia and New Zealand. I’d love to visit someday and especially to experience the Great Barrier Reef!



Did you study in Scotland? Do you have a particular allegiance to one of our member institutions that we ought to know about?


Yes I did, I studied at Edinburgh University. I also served a term as the University’s Sports Union President before joining Scottish Handball. Allegiance might not be exactly the right term, but whilst I am incredibly excited to work with all member institutions, it’s true that Edinburgh will always hold a special place in my heart.