Friday 23rd April 2021

Bikes, Camera, Action!

Full focus was on the SSS Mountain Biking community as students took to the trails to take part in a brand new video competition! Read the full story here.

SS Cycling Chair, Aaron Johnson, reports:

The mountain bike community makes up at least half of all Scottish Student Cyclists. However, without an Enduro or Cross-Country Championship for the 20/21 season, little was on offer for such a large group of students, requiring new ideas to be explored.

The proposition of a MTB Video Challenge was put forward at the SSC MTB Captains Meeting in late 2020. The challenge was put to all clubs in March 2021, with Dundee and St Andrews student clubs jumping at the opportunity to get involved, as both clubs have a strong MTB following. The two clubs were lead by Craig McCracken (DUMRCC – joint MTB Captain) and Archie Taylor (Saints Cycling – President), who did a phenomenal job organising the clubs participation and getting members involved.

To showcase both attempts, the videos were shared with the SSC community through social media. Over the course of 3 days, the community had the opportunity to vote on the ‘Best Overall Video’ and other individual categories. The engagement observed through Instagram was brilliant with both clubs doing a great job sharing their own videos to a wider audience. A total of 451 votes were placed, which decided 3 categories (Best Overall Video, Best Riding and Best Trick). In Addition, Biggest Roost and Funniest Blooper were awarded outwith community voting.

The challenge proved that clubs are still able to get members involved and go head-to-head with other clubs across Scotland, even if in-person events and participation is limited. Both clubs will also look to make use of their videos, in an attempt to attract new members in the future.

🎥University of Dundee MTB Video Entry 

🎥University of St. Andrews TBB Video Entry

The winners for each category were as follows:

Best Overall Video

59% – University of St Andrews

41% – University of Dundee

176 total votes

Best Riding

64% – University of St Andrews

36% – University of Dundee

179 total votes

Best Trick

55% – University of St Andrews (Archie Taylor)

45% – University of Dundee (Craig McCracken)

96 total votes

Biggest Roost

University of Dundee (Sam Arden)

Funniest Blooper

University of St Andrews

Well done to all involved! Hopefully, we will see you all out on the trails in person next year!