Monday 4th April 2022

Cycle it back!

A quick recap of the Scottish Student Cycling Time Trial Championships

A quick recap of the Scottish Student Cycling Time Trial Championships

Cyclists from numerous Scottish institutions and clubs met in a small village in East Lothian on this past Sunday to take part in the Time Trial Championships. The sun was beating down as the cyclists set off at one-minute intervals from the starting point. The course ran for 15.2km along country roads and included a couple of steep descents along the way. The relative tranquillity around Pencaitland gave way a circuit of intense competition, as the quiet country roads became punctuated by cyclists powering downhill in an effort to attain the fastest time.

The team category consisted of the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Dundee. However, there were representatives from a number of other universities as well as non-student clubs. As the cyclists trickled back to the starting point, the atmosphere was jubilant. The competitors caught their breath and rehydrated in the mid-afternoon sun as the organisers tallied up the times. Eventually, all gathered around the podium as the winners were announced.

The University of Edinburgh came out on top in the Student Team Championship, with a combined time of 1:39:13. They were followed by the University of Glasgow (1:39:47), and the University of Dundee (2:04:25).

Representing the University of Stirling, Cameron Richardson won the Men’s Student Championship with a time of 21:08. Trailing Cameron came Angus Toms of the University of Edinburgh (21:47), and Matiss Robertson of the University of the Highlands & Islands (21:59).

In the Women’s Student Championship, Kate Richardson of the University of Glasgow came out on top with a time of 24:55. The runners-up were Arianne Holland of the University of Edinburgh (25:47), and Miriam Gilbride of the University of Glasgow (27:39).

In the non-student Male category, the winner was Aaron Gannicot (22:14), followed by Joseph Agnew (23:03), and Neil Sheppard (23:21). In the non-student Female category, the winner was Carolyn Chambers (28:40), followed by Michelle Highfield (29:45), and Charlotte Forbes (32:45).

Many thanks to Aaron Johnson, Scottish Student Cycling Chair, as well as Gregor McArthur, Edinburgh University Cycling Club Race Secretary for making this event possible!

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