Wednesday 30th October 2019

National Support for Scottish Student Judo

Scottish Student Sport and Judo Scotland have introduced student-friendly National Randori sessions to the Ratho performance centre after a strong demand for more activity from student judo clubs across the country. Read more here!

Scottish Student Sport and JudoScotland have listened to the views of student Judo clubs around the country and have introduced student-friendly National Randori sessions to the Ratho performance centre! The first took place on 10th September 2019 and saw over 40 attendees both from students and high performance athletes.

JudoScotland High Performance Coach, Euan Burton, explains that the sessions aim to:

  • Give student judo players in Scotland the opportunity to gain additional training at no additional cost.
  • Forge links with players from other clubs, which could lead to additional training opportunities outside of term time.
  • Strengthen the relationship between Scottish Student Sport and JudoScotland.

Scottish Student Judo Chair, Paul Grady, was at the event said:

“It was excellent to see student club players engaging within the performance environment and benefiting from this standard of training. I hope I speak for all university clubs when I say I look forward to seeing these sessions develop and grow over the coming academic term.”

JudoScotland holds open National Randori sessions every Tuesday, but it is hoped that the introduction of the advertised ‘student-friendly’ sessions will encourage more judoka to attend and develop themselves in a challenging but open environment.

Each evening will include the opportunity to join in with a technical session from National Coach, Takafumi Kitahara from 6pm. National Randori will then be led by Euan Burton, Takafumi Kitahara and others in the High Performance team from 7pm.

Building on the success of this first training session, there will be further student-friendly sessions in 2019 scheduled for the following dates at the EICA in Ratho:

  • Tuesday 19th November
  • Tuesday 17th December

Many clubs are arranging group transport so get in touch with if you are interested in joining them!

Follow all the action on the Scottish Student Judo Facebook Group.