Wednesday 12th October 2016

NE Regional Golf Series returns to Newmachar

The second annual NE Regional golf event was hosted at Newmachar Golf Club on Wednesday 12th October.

The second annual NE Regional golf event was hosted at Newmachar Golf Club on Wednesday 12th October. This year the event was organised by Aberdeen University Golf Club, and 45 students from Aberdeen University, Robert Gordons University, North East Scotland College, Abertay University and a lone ranger from Stirling University competed in an 18-hole stableford competition on the Swailend course. Handicaps ranged from … to … and although the weather tested the patience of some of the competitors at times, a good day was enjoyed by all.

The golfers from RGU got into the spirit of the event early, arriving by coach, they sampled few of the delights the clubhouse had to offer before their rounds began. Some questionable behaviour was observed on the first tee as RGU’s Benjamin Palmer took the competition for Worst Dressed too seriously and had to change into something more comfortable… Everyone soon got into the swing of things, with scoring averaging above 30 points.

However, the luck of the Irish was with Aberdeen University’s First Team Captain Andrew Mullholland as he led the scoring with 40 points (69 scratch). Aberdeen’s George Porton finished second with 39 points. Conor Stewart, Aberdeen, Steven Young, and Calum Morrison, RGU, entered with a score of 38 points, but Peter Chater, RGU, clinched Third prize with a better inward half. On the other end of the scale, Ewan Christie, Aberdeen, earned the wooden spoon for the second year, with a score of 20 points.


CSS (Men) 71 (Ladies) 73

1st       Andrew Mullholland (Aberdeen)          40 points

2nd        George Porton (Aberdeen)                  39 points

3rd         Peter Chater (RGU)                             38 points

4th         Conor Stewart (Aberdeen),                 38 points

Steven Young (Abertay)

6th         Callum Morrison (RGU)                      38 points
7th         Chloe Johnstone (Aberdeen)              36 points

8th         Glen Gardiner (RGU),                         36 points

Rory Carson (Aberdeen)

10th       Gavin Kinnear (RGU)                          35 points

11th       Danial Hamzah (Aberdeen)                34 points
12th       Michael Boddie (Aberdeen)                34 points
13th       David Ritchie (RGU)                            34 points
14th       Ross Kane (RGU)                                 34 points
15th       Rob Patterson (Aberdeen)                 34 points
16th       Lewis Fyfe (Aberdeen)                        33 points

17th       Lisa Bruce (Aberdeen)                         33 points
18th       Jack Keating (Aberdeen)                    33 points
19th       John Gibson (Abertay)                        33 points
20th       Mark Fraser (NESCol)                        33 points
21st        Ondrej Hubner (Aberdeen)                33 points
22nd      Cameron Fraser (Aberdeen)              32 points
23rd       Lewis West (RGU),                              31 points

Jack Stewart (NESCol)
25th       Catriona MacDonald (Aberdeen)     31 points
26th       Nick Savoy (RGU)                                31 points
27th       Steve Smith (RGU)                               30 points
28th       Benjamin Palmer (RGU),                   30 points

Ross MacDonald (Abertay)
30th       Matthew Scott (RGU)                         30 points
31st         Daniel Harper (Abertay),                  30 points

John Bisset (Aberdeen)
33rd       Euan Alexander (RGU)                      29 points
34th       Euan Brown (Aberdeen)                    29 points
35th       John Ambrose (NESCol),                   29 points

Connor Douglas (Stirling)
37th       Robert Cornish (RGU),                       28 points

Scott Stewart (RGU)
39th       Niall Young (RGU),                             27 points

David Walker (RGU)
41st        Robert Docherty (Aberdeen)            26 points
42nd      Drew McIntosh (Aberdeen)              26 points
43rd       Jack Cavanagh (Aberdeen)               23 points
44th       Euan Christie (Aberdeen)                  20 points

Prize List

1st Andrew Mullholland Aberdeen 40 Points

2nd George Porton Aberdeen 39 Points

3rd Peter Chater RGU 38 Points

Best AUGC Scratch (Not in Prize list) Rob Patterson

Best RGU Scratch (Not in Prize list) Glen Gardiner

Best Scratch from another participating institution Steven Young

Best Female Chloe Johnstone, Aberdeen 36 points

Nearest the Pin Rob Patterson Aberdeen

Longest Drive Andrew Mullholland Aberdeen

Dick of the Day Benjamin Palmer RGU (For Stripping off on the 1st Tee)

Worst Dressed Scott Stewart RGU

Wooden Spoon Ewan Christie Aberdeen

Magic 2s

Chloe Johnstone, David Ritchie (x2), Cameron Fraser, Andrew Mullholland, Steven Smith, Danial Hamzah, Steven Young, Gavin Kinnear, Lewis West, Ross Kane.