Wednesday 20th November 2019

New SSS Volleyball Format Improves Participation

Aimed at increasing participation in the sport, SSS Volleyball have set up a new version of the sport: 4-a-side Volleyball. Find out more about their first two tournaments of the year here!

Plenty of fun and participation were the order of the day across the country where SSS Volleyball delivered its 4-a-side Tournaments across two different cities in October.

The 4-a-side version of volleyball is ideally suited to less-experience players, with 50% more ball contact, longer rallies and easier court positioning than the 6-a-side game. This format is very much in-keeping with Scottish Volleyball’s vision for widening participation in the sport and is also a key strand of BUCS Volleyball’s strategic direction to better provide for those many students who don’t play in competition BUCS fixtures.

The competitions which took place in Dundee and Glasgow saw some excellent rallies and great effort, all wrapped up in wide smiles, high fives and enthusiastic team shouts. Overall teams were quite evenly matched and the timed format of matches ensured that there was maximum activity for those involved.

The quality of volleyball – especially some of the defensive play – on show was worthy of a much higher level of competition.  The only difference being that participants were just happy to be involved with the match result seeming to be secondary to the enjoyment of being part of a really positive session.

The future looks bright for 4-a-side volleyball and the second round of tournaments, due to take place at the end of January, promises to be equally popular and enjoyable. Roll on 2020!!