Friday 27th May 2016

Scottish Student Sport Leading the Way!

Scottish Student Sport is a crackin’ place to work and we’re trying to make it even better! We are embarking on a pilot project with the NHS to become an Exemplary Physical Activity Employer (EPAE).

We will be posting pictures and stories of the SSS staff attempting to up their physical activity levels, while trying a variety of new sports and activities. We’ll post it all on our social media so you can follow our journey! Our friends at Viper10 have kitted us out, Decathlon are helping us with active travel, Edinburgh University Sport & Exercise have been supporting us and we hope to engage with all of our partners and members as we try to achieve this goal. Who knows? We may even inspire a few people to get involved!

Scottish Student Sport knows the innumerable benefits of physical activity, including the role it can play in weight control, reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancers as well as assisting in improving mental health and mood which all supports increasing the likelihood of not only living longer, but living better. We also like a bit of banter and a bit of fun so we have created a plan to support all our employees to engage in a fun and enjoyable active lifestyle!

Scottish Student Sport are delighted and honoured to be part of this important pilot scheme

Scottish Student Sport are delighted and honoured to be part of this important pilot scheme. SSS will endeavour to achieve and maintain the standards required of a Category One employer (an organisation with fewer than 250 employees).

We’re all in!  Full staff engagement is promoted and encouraged and different staff members will each be responsible for introducing a new activity. This Friday (June 3rd) it’s the COOs choice (Stew Fowlie) and we’re all in the dark…with the only instruction to bring a bike helmet…sounds interesting!  Watch this space!