Thursday 22nd April 2021

SSS Achieve ‘Working from Home’ Sustainability Award

New knowledge, new routes, new habits – Find out what we did to achieve our Working from Home Sustainability Award.

Over the past 12 months,  like many other businesses, Scottish Student Sport has learned to adapt. Working from home has become the norm – with kitchen tables becoming office desks, tea-break catch-ups replaced by zoom quizzes and lunch on-the-go making way for homecooked favourites. Whichever way you look at it there are been positives and negatives from working from home.

Despite working from home, little has changed our work ethic and commitment to our values – one of which is sustainability.

We ensure all our events and competitions are delivered as sustainably as possible.

We ensure all our events and competitions are delivered as sustainably as possible.

Earlier this year we jumped at the opportunity to participate in the ‘Working from Home Award’ arranged by the University of Edinburgh Social Responsibility & Sustainability Department, in order to ensure staff continued our SSS value of ‘sustainability’ in our new working environments.

Each staff member signed up to complete up to 6 sustainability-minded tasks between February and March 2021. These tasks included broadening our knowledge and understanding of certain issues through reading and watching documentaries. To more practical tasks such as trialling and sharing new recipes with colleagues, reducing plastic waste and in some cases even growing our own vegetables!

 “The working from home award was great for highlighting areas that I could save energy, one of these was switching off appliances after use. The first week I made a conscious effort to turn off these appliances before bed, then after that week, it became much more of a habit.”  Eilidh Paterson, SSS Tayside, Fife and Regional Development Coordinator

No matter how small, each step is a step in the right direction to creating a better planet. This message was carried through the award as we celebrated each others’ successes:

“Small actions can go a long way to support a more sustainable life – spending more time in the house generally creates more waste. We’ve been attempting to purchase less single-use plastic and ensure that our waste that can be recycled gets recycled – meaning an overflowing blue bin every fortnight!” Ian Lowe, SSS Head of Development

In early April, we received the ‘Working From Home Award’. We are delighted to add that to our  Gold ‘Offices’ Award achieved from the same programme in 2020, further solidifying our commitment to living sustainability value.

Huge thanks to the University of Edinburgh SRS Department for their support, motivation and for recognising our work.