Wednesday 23rd June 2021

SSS Basketball Create College History

The Scottish Student Basketball Development Group have created their own little bit of history! The group have appointed the first-ever college-specific member onto the development group to drive participation and engagement levels specifically within Scottish colleges. Read the full story here!

The Scottish Student Sport Basketball Development Group are proud to appoint the first-ever designated college representative onto a SSS Group.  The role will have a key focus on bettering the inclusion, participation and engagement levels within college students and Further Education institutions. The new role makes the Scottish Student Basketball Group the first of any SSS Sports Development group to appoint a college-specific role, continuing the good progress made both on and off the court in recent years.

Speaking on the creation of the post, SSS Chief Operating Officer, Stew Fowlie, commented:

“It is excellent to celebrate a sports specific focus on College engagement, as highlighted by this new role on our Basketball Development Group. All of us at SSS want to see opportunities for college participation continue to grow and increasing numbers of college students benefitting from the kind of involvement that University students have long taken for granted. I look forward to charting the progress of student basketball in the coming year, and to positions such as this becoming the norm over the years to come.”

Stepping into the new role is former City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Caledonian and Stirling University student Ross Mathison. Ross brings with him a wealth of knowledge and basketball experience in both College and University settings. Speaking to Scottish Student Sport, Ross Mathison said:

“It is great that basketball is the first sport to consider the FE sector in its strategy. There are a lot of differences between the University and College environments and being able to highlight these, should put us in a position to break down more barriers for college students to get involved in the sport recreationally and competitively.

Basketball is a great sport that has provided lots of opportunities to me throughout my life. I am grateful to be appointed in my representative role to hopefully inspire others to take up basketball and to enhance the provision and pathways for college students already involved in the game.”

SSS Basketball Development Group Chair Eamonn Laird added:

“Several members of the group studied at college before progressing to university, including myself, so this has always been an area the group wanted to make strides in.”

“I am excited to have a college-specific member as part of the group. Several members of the group studied at college before progressing to university, including myself, so this has always been an area the group wanted to make strides in. Ross brings a great knowledge of the college sector from his role as a lecturer and basketball from his various coaching roles, I look forward to seeing the positive contribution he will make to Scottish Student Basketball.”

The Scottish Student Basketball Development Group is now complete with every role being filled. Here is the committee for the 2021/22 season. Exciting times ahead!

  • Chair – Eamonn Laird (University of Dundee)
  • Inclusion Member– Craig Stephen (University of Stirling)
  • Workforce Member– Chris Kindlen (University of Dundee)
  • College Member – Ross Mathison
  • Communications Member – Johnathan MacLeod (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Student Member– Khera Ross (University of Stirling)
  • Student Member– Liam Downing (University of Strathclyde)
  • BasketballScotland Representative – Kieran Lynch
  • SSS Representative – Neil Rankin