Monday 28th June 2021

Disability Sport | Transitioning to College and University

It is safe to say moving to university or college can be a daunting experience for anyone. In our latest webinar, we heard from QMU student Brenna Collie and Fife College student Cameron Hemphill on the transition process for students with a disability moving onto university or college.

As part of the Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) Young Start Programme, 1st year Queen Margaret University student Brenna Collie and Fife College student Cameron Hemphill both agreed that the topic of transitioning to University and College as a disabled person was an area they would have appreciated more guidance on. From there, the idea of a webinar focusing on transition was created.

Once Brenna and Cameron shared their idea, they gained support from SDS’ Grampian Regional Development Manager Alison Shaw who brought together Scottish Student Sport (SSS), Lead Scotland and Robert Gordon University student-athlete, and SSS Disability Lead Laura Pilkington to discuss the idea of a webinar further.

The webinar was led by students Brenna and Laura who provided background and shared insight and their previous experience as to what it was like transitioning into higher and further education with a disability. We also heard from Lynne Glen of Scottish Disability Sport, Rebecca Scarlett of Lead Scotland, and Eilidh Paterson of Scottish Student Sport.

The webinar was opened with Brenna providing the attendees with a bit of background of how this webinar came to be before handing it over to Rebecca who told us about Lead Scotland’s work and how they can assist pupils or students when transitioning to University or College which included some top tips and some very useful links:

RGU student-athlete Laura took us through her student journey which as she said herself, “was not a straight line” as well as sharing some personal stories and key tips. Then it was the turn of SDS’ Participation Manager Lynne to tell the attendees how the staff can assist students with disabilities to take part in local activities whether you are staying where you are or moving away. Lynne then handed it back to Brenna who took us through her first year at QMU, how she prepared to move, the support she sought out, and what she is looking forward to next semester. Before wrapping up, the panel answered questions from the attendees most of which were current or future students seeking advice.

SSS’ Regional Development Coordinator Eilidh said:

“It was excellent to work with our long-standing partners, SDS and Rebecca at Lead Scotland. Our development work at SSS focuses on supporting all community members to lead an active and supporting lifestyle. As Laura and Brenna said, moving on to University or College can be a daunting experience – joining a sports team can help alleviate some of this.

“The webinar provided some practical examples of how students with disabilities can be active during their studies. Equality & diversity is a mainstay of SSS and we are looking forward to heightening our work in this area in the upcoming years alongside Disability Lead Laura and students, with the support of our friends at SDS & Lead Scotland.”

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to email SSS Regional Development Coordinator Eilidh and she will do her utmost to help.

Watch the webinar in full here ⬇️