Tuesday 17th November 2020

Webinar | The Importance of Volunteers

The next BiteSSSize Best Practice Webinar will focus on Volunteer Recruitment and Development. Find out more about our expert panel and sign-up now!

Volunteering is vital to the student sport community in Scotland. At SSS we are always keen to celebrate best practice, showcase opportunities and highlight the impact of students. This webinar will look closely at the process and structures required to effectively integrate volunteers and why it’s important to get it right from the start.

The panel has vast experience in both recruiting and developing volunteers.  Drawing on their own personal experiences, the panel will offer support and advice for delivering a more developmental approach to volunteers.

The Panel:

Caitlin Kelly was Sports President at the University of Glasgow in 2015/16 and has made a career out of volunteering. Caitlins experience includes Commonwealth Games, Athletics European Championships and the Special Olympics. Caitlin now works as a Volunteer Coordinator for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2021 tournament.

Jamie Taylor is the Sports Development Manager at the University of Glasgow and like Caitlin, he is also a volunteer at UEFA Euro 2021. Jamie works closely with sports clubs and student volunteers at GUSA, and previously sat on the SSS Development Committee.

Jess Barrows is the Competitions Coordinator at SSS and is involved in recruiting volunteers as sports Chairs as well as for events and roles in development groups. Jess is also a Director on the board of Scottish Club Sport.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 24th November, 4-5pm.

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Nominations are being accepted for SSS Volunteer of the Semester, click here for more information.