Monday 26th April 2021

Workforce | Make It Happen

Despite the lockdown, 18 students recently took the first steps in their basketball coaching career. In collaboration with Basketball Scotland, two ‘Make It Happen’ coaching courses were delivered, organised by the SSS Basketball Development Group.

The Make it Happen coaching course helps new coaches take their first steps on the coaching pathway. This can be attended by all students and is suitable for all ages and any level of basketball experience. The course offers that foundation level of coaching and no previous coaching experience is needed to complete the course.

The collaboration with Basketball Scotland meant student candidates were offered a reduced fee to participate, making it more accessible for more people. This key link with the governing body will allow the SS Basketball Development Group to deliver more courses for the student body. Going forward the group aims to deliver a minimum of one course per semester for all students. This will support those students who wish to take their coaching career further and work through the Basketball Scotland coaching pathway.

The course takes 3 hours so is perfect for those who are looking to test the coaching waters. By getting so many students through these courses it places students at the center of efforts to grow the game of basketball in universities and colleges, and in future roles with community clubs.

Chris Kindlen, Workforce lead for SS Basketball Development Group, said:

“The University & College community offers the perfect platform for developing as a coach, or indeed a table official or referee. This is the great opportunity to take advantage of easily accessible and affordable courses. Undertaking this type of training can lead to so many more opportunities. I did my coaching qualifications whilst at university and later got the opportunity to coach for country”