Coaching and Officiating

Each season Scottish Student Sport works closely with Scottish sport governing bodies & our own Sports Development Groups to provide a variety of development opportunities for coaching and officiating.



Working with partners across the sector we’re able to provide introductory officiating courses specifically designed for students. Reffin’ Brilliant, supported by sportscotland, provides students from across Scotland the opportunity to attend subsidised training courses across a range of sports.

All of our sports rely on trained officials to ensure that competition can take place – therefore becoming an official is a great way of helping more students, become more active, more often. It is also a brilliant way to develop your CV, maintain your own fitness and develop your own skill-set.

Since 2015/16 we have support over 700 students to complete an officiating course in 14 different sports. Please follow our social media channels as well as keeping in regular contact with your Sports Union/Department for details of upcoming sports.

Notes of interest from SGB’s or any other questions should be directed to our Learning & People Coordinator.


We also provide a number of coaching opportunities throughout the year through our national squad’s programme, in which coaches and assistant coaches can lead a student team in national competition alongside appointed team managers. We also ensure we’re profiling the success of other coaches within the Scottish Student Sport network through social media and our podcast, such as our recent conversation with University of Stirling FC Performance Coach Chris Geddes, and through various case studies and best practices.

Please see a bank of resources for you to draw from:

Topic Medium Content Link
Coaching Multi Level Groups: Video Coaching varied skill levels by street soccer Actify
Article 4 Step Guide to Coaching Several Abilities 4 step guide to coaching players of different abilities (
Article 10 ways to coach teams with varied needs. 10 Ways to Coach Teams with a Wide-Range of Player Needs (
Low Confidence Coaching: Article Coaching self-confidence through sport Coaching Self-Confidence in Sport: An Evidence Based Approach. – WG COACHING
Article Seven Steps to make an athlete more confident 7 STRATEGIES TO HELP YOUR ATHLETE BE MORE CONFIDENT (
Article Building Self Confidence through sport Building Self-Confidence in Sport – BelievePerform – The UK’s leading Sports Psychology Website
How to conduct a fair trial Free PDF A guide to good trials A Guide to Running Good Trials and Selection Processes – Balance is Better
Empathetic Coaching Article The power of empathy in sport The Power of Empathy in Sports | Sport Psychology Movement Institute (
Article Empathy Driven Coaching Empathy Driven Coaching in Sports – Sarah Majid
Article Why is Empathy your coaching super power Why Empathy Is Your Coaching Superpower | MOJO Sports
Coaching during exams Article Understanding Stress in both Coaches and Students Understanding the Stress Model – UK Coaching
Article Coaching while your stressed with exams (for those student coaches) 10 Stress Management Techniques for Sport Coaches | Ohio University
The influence of coaching Video Role Models Actify
Coaching mindset: Article Coach the athletes you have Coach the Athletes You Have (Mindset, Personality, and Sport) (
Article Coaching Mindset Having a Coaching Mindset | TrainingPeaks
Growth Mindset Video Growth Mindset (14) Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck – YouTube
Video Growth Mindset ‘The Power of Believing you can Improve’
Coaching your peers Article The power of Coaching your Peers The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching (
Coaching Inclusivity Video The Tri Group- Coaching Sessions that work for Everyone Actify


A look in to the SSS Leadership Programme!

In October 2022, we launched the 2022/23 Leadership Programme, which this year consists of eight nominated enthusiastic students. Read on to learn how they’ve been getting on!

Head Coach – Edinburgh Uni Thistle

Edinburgh Uni Thistle are looking for an enthusiastic, approachable, and committed coach to organise and lead the delivery of sessions for a dedicated group of players, as the team pursues success in its first season in the SWFL pyramid.

Tennis Coaching Development Officer

We are looking to recruit a Scottish Student Tennis Coaching Development Officer to drive the development of student tennis in Scotland.


Scottish Student Aquatics Communications Officer

We are looking to recruit a volunteer to support the promotion of the Scottish Student Aquatics programme #ScotStuAquatics

Scottish Student Netball – Student Representative

We are looking to recruit a new student netball representative to join our Netball Development Group to help drive the development of student netball in Scotland #ScotStuNetball


Scottish Student Judo Vacancies

We have 3 roles on the #ScotStuJudo Development Group to support the Chair in growing participation and developing the sport.

SSS | Media Volunteers

Enhance your CV, boost your media skills and get hands-on experience at a Scottish Student Sport Event by becoming one of our SSS Media Volunteers!

Scottish Student Athletics Communications Officer

We are looking to recruit a new Scottish Student Athletics Communications Officer to drive the development of student athletics in Scotland and support social media engagement.


Scottish Student Rowing Vice-Chair (Communications)

We are looking to recruit a Scottish Student Rowing Vice-Chair (Communications) to drive the development of rowing in Scotland.


Reffin’ Brilliant | Basketball Level 1 Referee Course

The latest in this years Reffin’ Brilliant offering looks to grow the number of student referees supporting basketball competitions across the country.