Coaching and Officiating

Each season Scottish Student Sport works closely with Scottish sport governing bodies & our own Sports Development Groups to provide a variety of development opportunities for coaching and officiating.



Working with partners across the sector we’re able to provide introductory officiating courses specifically designed for students. Reffin’ Brilliant, supported by sportscotland, provides students from across Scotland the opportunity to attend subsidised training courses across a range of sports.

All of our sports rely on trained officials to ensure that competition can take place – therefore becoming an official is a great way of helping more students, become more active, more often. It is also a brilliant way to develop your CV, maintain your own fitness and develop your own skill-set.

Since 2015/16 we have support over 700 students to complete an officiating course in 14 different sports. Please follow our social media channels as well as keeping in regular contact with your Sports Union/Department for details of upcoming sports.

Notes of interest from SGB’s or any other questions should be directed to our Learning & People Coordinator.


We also provide a number of coaching opportunities throughout the year through our national squad’s programme, in which coaches and assistant coaches can lead a student team in national competition alongside appointed team managers. We also ensure we’re profiling the success of other coaches within the Scottish Student Sport network through social media and our podcast, such as our recent conversation with University of Stirling FC Performance Coach Chris Geddes, and through various case studies and best practices.

Please see a bank of resources for you to draw from:

Coaching Information and Links
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The Open University CoursesHealth, Sports and Psychology Health, Sports & Psychology - All content - OpenLearn - Open University
Insurance and AdminWhen coaches start out on their coaching journey, it is important to look into what cover is needed to undertake coaching activities. Often your employer will cover you but you must check in advance. This must be re-checked each time you coach in a different set up and be clear if there are differences within your primary club role i.e. if you travel to a game or event with your team vs weekly training sessions. At SSS we use Gallagher Insurance and they are very helpful and knowledgeable and they may be able to assist you with any questions you have. The same set of guidelines applies to officials, you must also check with the person employing you to officiate a game if they are insuring you and if not seek your own cover, plus be clear if the cover needs to be altered for different levels or matches/ leagues.
It is important that all coaches, and officials, keep a file of all their qualifications, ensure they are kept up to date and any SGB subscriptions are paid annually, plus any coaching add-ons completed periodically. You may need to redo your first aid every few years for instance so noting down when things need to happen is necessary. Most SGCs will have an online portal where all your info is saved and reminders are sent so it is your responsibility to login periodically and ensure nothing is up for renewal and no reminders have been sent.



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