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Futsal is a technical, tactical game. It is renowned for being the fastest moving, fastest-growing indoor sport.

Futsal is a relatively new sport to students in the UK, and particularly in Scotland. Currently, we offer the opportunity to men and women to participate in BUCS leagues. We hope to soon be able to offer regional competition, along with game awareness and workforce development opportunities.

Sport Chair: Colin Harley

Contact: scottishstudentfutsal@gmail.com

Governing body: Scottish Football Association

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You might want to know…

  • Futsal was first played in Uruguay in 1930. The sport takes its name from the Portuguese words for football (futebol) and hall (salao) – futebol de sala.

  • Futsal is played indoor on a hard court – the professional game played with a “stop clock” in 20-minute halves. The teacher who invented the game drew upon many sports – basketball (number of players – 5), handball (goals and court size), water polo (goalkeeper rules), football (the concept that outfield players can use every part of the body other than their arm).

  • A  futsal ball differs from a football as it is specially manufactured to be ‘low bounce’ – adults use a size 4.

  • Get started with an “Introduction to Futsal” video here!

Meet your Sports Chair

Colin Harley

My name is Colin Harley. I started to use futsal as part of training for the boys team I coached a few years ago. Since then, I’ve completely caught the futsal bug. I love the fast pace of the game, it is a simple game to begin to play and those who embrace its unique facets can benefit hugely from the almost endless opportunities for creativity and complexity.

I’ve played, coached, run leagues, run teams and developed that love for the game in a number of ways. I have supported both Edinburgh University and West Lothian College in the establishment of their futsal clubs. Recently I was involved in the organisation and selection of Scottish delegations taking part in the International Futsal Alliance (IFA) Men’s World Cup in China, and the previous year’s Under 17 IFA  Men’s World Cup. I am a great believer in the potential of futsal as a student sport.

We welcome all new clubs and want to offer everyone the appropriate entry level to Futsal along with providing an avenue to the highest level of Student sport and other pathways beyond. I’ve experienced futsal played at the highest level – it is so accessible and a hugely intense experience. Futsal people love to spread the word – get involved and (like everyone who does) you will soon absolutely love it, look to get the most out of it,  and tell your friends.

SS Futsal Development Group Members

Colin is supported by three excellent volunteers in developing and delivering SS Futsal;

Vice-Chair = Alix Wright (including Women’s Representative Responsibilities)

Communications Officer = Keir Little

Development Officer = Max Torras (including Men’s Representative Responsibilities)

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