She Can She Will

Key Information

SSS is excited to be delivering specific interventions to tackle the gender inequalities which still appear in certain areas of student sport. We are looking to take the pre-existing Scottish Government’s Women & Girls in Sport Advisory Group’s She Can She Will brand and provide our members and partners with some resources and structure to help us profile and celebrate women’s sport.

SSS’ Women in Sport Group aims to make sure She Can She Will reaches the length and breadth of Scotland and grabs the attention of everyone within the sport sector. Utilising the vast network of SSS, we want to reach schools, communities, SGB’s and the SSS membership to profile women and girls from a diverse range of sports and physical activities.

It is our vision to empower females to grow their confidence, grasp the opportunities to flourish and build a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity.

#SheCanSheWill aims to empower and celebrate Scotland’s females in all sports through this national campaign and provide equal access to sporting opportunities for women and girls of all ages. We aim to encourage females to become active leaders, officials, coaches, and participants in their sport alongside SSS’ national partners and Scottish Governing Bodies. Check out our 2022 Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week Panel Discussion. 

Our core values are; Ambitious, Empowering, Collaborative, Inclusive, Innovative, Responsive & Sustainable.

We are a small group of staff and student representatives from the membership who have come together to achieve two main aims;

  1. Create and promote a national Women in Sport Campaign.
  2. To encourage more women and girls to get involved in Sport through many different roles within the student sector


What have we done so far…

  • Worked alongside the; SFA, She Rallies and Scottish Golf to profile and create opportunities for female students.

  • Plan to branch out and work with other SGB’s in the near future.

  • Provided specific #SheCanSheWill branding to our membership and celebrated Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week by profiling the experiences of; volunteers, officials, coaches, athletes and leaders.