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Shinty hails from the Scottish Highlands and has a distinct Celtic influence – being similar to the Irish games of Hurling and Camogie. The sport is very fast and skilful, and requires a great deal of courage from its participants. The game was derived from the same root as the Irish game of hurling but has developed different rules and features. These rules are governed by the Camanachd Association.  Universities have played an instrumental part in the modern development of the sport in Scotland and its governing body, the Camanachd Association – Aberdeen University being the first fully constituted Shinty Club in Scotland.  There are currently 7 Universities that participate in Shinty.

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Sport Chair: Lee Thompson

Governing Body: Camanachd Association 

Upcoming Shinty Events

You might want to know…

  • SSS Shinty continues to thrive today: providing high class Shinty in a winter league complimentary to the national summer season, and helping to introduce countless new players to the game – from all over the world. The Rules and Regulations for the 2023-24 Season can be found HERE. Stay tuned for the link to the Leagues on SSS Playwaze

  • Shinty Festival – This event occurs at the start of October and sees all of the institutions within Scotland come together for a tournament aimed at providing the chance for players new to Shinty to compete. It also sees the international trials for the representative squad run concurrent to the tournament.

  • Littejohn Vase and McHue and Porter Cup -The Littlejohn Vase, which is the second most expensive sporting trophy in Scotland is a fiercely competitive inter-university tournament contested since 1905, with the women competing for the McHue and Porter Cup since 1999, this is deemed as the biggest tournament for all the students that participate in University Shinty.

  • Camogie-Shinty Hurling International – The Annual Eire-Alba-Oilthigh Camogie-Shinty-Hurling International is another highlight of the student calendar. Played every November, the match sees the cream of Scottish Student Shinty (both male and female) clash with their Camogie and Hurling counterparts in Ireland.

Meet your Sports Chair

Lee Thompson

Hello, my name is Lee, my background in shinty started back home on Uist where I was introduced to the sport at our local Feis. It wasn’t until I attended the University of Edinburgh that I fully became immersed in the sport.

While studying Physical Education at Moray House, I spent the rest of my time involved with the shinty club and also managed to captain the Men’s team to their 1st Littlejohn Trophy in 24 years which has to be one of my highlights within the sport. I now teach P.E. in Glasgow where I coach shinty to pupils at primary, secondary, and a newly formed women’s team – as well as still playing for a senior team myself. Shinty is a sport I am very passionate about and look to develop the game further from within this role.


SS Shinty Development Group members

Lee is supported by a volunteer in developing and delivering SS Shinty:

  • Lauren Benseman – Vice-Chair
  • Roddy Young – Regional Development Officer (Central Scotland) at The Camanachd Association

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