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Ultimate, also known as ultimate frisbee, is a self-refereed, non-contact team sport played with a flying disc. Ultimate can be played both indoors and outdoors, with some technical and tactical differences between the two, and university clubs can compete in both men’s, women’s and mixed gender divisions.

The student ultimate competition year runs across October to March with beginner tournaments, weekend regional and national competitions, men’s BUCS league Wednesdays as well as other recreational events across the country. Everyone from complete novices to world-class players will find something suitable!

Governing body: UKUltimate

Sports Chair: Linn af Björkesten

Contact: scotstuultimate@gmail.com

Upcoming Ultimate Events

You might want to know…

  • Mixed Indoor Regionals is the first and largest event of the year! It is a great chance to catch up or make new friends from other student clubs, and the competition is always fierce!

  • Ultimate is a BUCS sport and fixtures are held centrally each year. For more information go to the BUCS website here. You can also find out more via the UK Ultimate University Committee Page here

  • Ultimate relies on the Spirit of the Game, placing the onus of sportsmanship and honourable play on the players themselves. Read more about SOTG and self-refereeing here!

  • Outdoor and indoor ultimate differ significantly in technical and tactical aspects, with indoor games played on a smaller 5-a-side pitch for around 24 minutes, and outdoor games being 7-a-side, played on a football-sized pitch in varying weather conditions for 70 minutes

Meet your Sports Chair

Linn af Björkesten

Linn first got introduced to the world of ultimate in 2017 when she started at the University of Dundee. Coming from a completely different background in competitive gymnastics, she had no expectations but instantly got hooked and went on to become president of the club in her last two years.

After graduating, Linn moved to Glasgow to pursue an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Strathclyde. She became the Scottish Student Ultimate Chair in 2021 and is motivated to ensuring the unique student ultimate community continues to thrive!

SS Ultimate Development Group

Linn is joined by Alice Bates (Vice-Chair) to form the SS Ultimate Development Group

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