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Ultimate is a self-refereed sport played with a flying disc.  Clubs compete in both men and women’s divisions as well as a mixed division throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor games are 5 a side, played on a smaller pitch, with games lasting around 24 minutes, while outdoor games are 7 a side, played on a football sized pitch over 70 minutes.

The main competition dates are weekends across October to March where we have tournament style BUCS Competitions for both the indoor and outdoor seasons.  There are also more recreational tournaments throughout the entire year put on by different clubs across the country.

Governing body: UKUltimate

Sports Chair: Currently vacant

Contact: scotstuultimate@gmail.com

Upcoming Ultimate Events

You might want to know…

  • Mixed Indoor Regionals is the first and largest event of the year! It is a great chance to catch up or make new friends from other student clubs, and the competition is always fierce!

  • Ultimate is a BUCS sport and fixtures are held centrally each year. For more information click here

  • Ultimate relies on the Spirit of the Game, placing the onus of sportsmanship and honourable play on the players themselves. After each Championship, the teams submit nominations to award the team with the best ‘Spirit of the Game’!

Meet your Sports Chair

Currently Vacant

If you are interested in volunteering with SSS and UKU to support the SS Ultimate programme, please email jess@scottishstudentsport.com

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