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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for tracking SSS’ progress towards the targets in our 2017-21 strategy. Here at Scottish Student Sport we want our members, partners and the wider tribe to know just how we are getting on in our quest to create a world-class system for physical activity and student sport.

Of course, we can’t tell you the full story on just one page, but below we illustrate our progress towards the top level targets we’ve set for ourselves. Things move quickly in our world so do check back from time to time and you’ll be able to see what’s changed. Meantime if you have any questions about what we’re up to – or even better, why we are up to it– then please give us a call!

The SSS Team

So, are we on Track?

Member Institutions

There are 35 Colleges and Universities in Scotland, of all shapes and sizes. Our aspiration is to provide some added value to each and every one of them.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’ll make it…!






The above figure relates to those who have joined as of 26th January 2021. We will update this as the year goes on to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Club Membership

There are over 600 sports clubs in our network, covering over 80 different sports. Our support helps these clubs to improve their governance, develop their offer and expand their capacity.

Together we’ve grown this network every year but what is the current total of club members?


Sex Split

All types of equality are important to SSS – and to the student population more widely – and we are always keen to promote a truly inclusive culture in student sport.

We are very proud of the equal sex split in student sports clubs and since Cheer became an official SSS sport in 19/20 we have had a huge increase in female participation in our events.


Club Membership

  • Male
  • Female

Event Entries

  • Male
  • Female

The College Sport Award is a self-improvement framework for Colleges that wish to provide physical activity and sport opportunities to their students, staff and communities.

Colleges involved in the award sign the following pledge:

‘Our college recognises the unique role, value and potential that sport and physical activity has to enhance College life – that’s why we are involved in the College Sports Award’

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Staff in Each Region

Research System in Place?
– Linked to OSS
– Linked to BUCS R&I group

Fit for Purpose?

Top rated by KPMG


Scottish Student Games

Let the games begin! Our vision is to successfully deliver Scotland’s largest annual multi-sport event, bringing students together from across the country for one full weekend of student sport and physical activity.

Out of the 12 sports we have in mind 5 were involved for this year’s games with Judo a debutant at the 2020 games!


National Squad Activity

Everyone wants to be part of our squad. Our National Squad programmes give students the opportunity to compete on a higher platform, meet new people within their sport, and take on our neighbours in England, Ireland, and Wales.

Of 7 sports with a squad competing for Scotland there are 4 delivered in partnership with our SGBs.


SGB Partnerships

Within student sport we recognise the invaluable contribution of governing bodies to the delivery of sport in Scotland, and the importance of promoting lifelong participation in sport. We are working towards formal SGB partnerships for each sport we deliver – with the aim of strengthening ‘the student game’.

Here’s who we’ve teamed up with so far:

Financial Security

We are very careful to manage the resources of SSS efficiently and effectively, and as part of this we have a commitment to maintaining a healthy level of financial reserves in line with our core costs.

We are currently in good shape and have 40% of annual core costs protected in reserves until the end of our current strategy.