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Hello and thanks for taking the time to contribute to the future of Scottish Student Sport.

The aim of this page is to seek contributions from our members, partners and friends of SSS to help shape the strategic future of the organisation from 2021 onwards.

Below you will find a variety of resources, exercises and a timeline of events – mapping out how you can influence the future SSS Strategic Plan. Please feel free to complete these exercises at your own leisure and send your thoughts, and any others to You can also have your say by completing the member feedback survey below or to access it in a new tab click here!

For those of you who prefer to talk rather than write please feel free to arrange a chat with our Chief Operating Officer, Stew Fowlie.

AUG 2020














AUG 2021
#1 Scoping

Agree overall approach to including timeline, budget & key elements.

#2 Consulting

Gather in depth views from full membership, selected partners & staff

#3 Analysing

Clarification of the key messages from the consultation

#4 Sharing and Shaping

Bringing the themes and direction together into a cogent structure

#5 Polishing and Pitching

Draft strategy produced, with clarity over resource needs so as to inform funding bids

#6 Refining

Tailoring of plans and ambitions based on grant funding & other outcomes

#7 Publishing

Complete clarity to be published at least 3 months prior to new strategy launch.

#8 Implementing

New strategy commences at start of 21/22 Academic Year

Please see below a series of exercises aimed at members, partners and critical friends of SSS, as part of the design process for the organisation’s future strategic plan. Contributions against these prompts are welcome at any time and should be sent to

For those who prefer to talk rather than to write, please get in touch and a suitable zoom or phone call (07903 891 497) can be arranged.
For information about how SSS currently operates click here!

1. One slide, ten minutes

Create a one slide visual of what the strategic priorities of SSS should be, with accompanying commentary notes that could be presented in under ten minutes.

2. Been there, got the t-shirt

If you were marketing SSS to one of its key audiences, what would be on the promotional t-shirt? Alternatives are welcome, so don’t feel hemmed in by a single concept.

3. Vision, mission & values

Describe the end point of the strategy (where we want to be), how we are going to get there, and what will guide us – all in fewer than 100 words.

4. Tag-line/ Motto/ Slogan

No more than one sentence (the fewer words the better) to convey the very essence of the organisation

5. The counter-point

Clearer on what you don’t want than what you do? Simply list all the things that you don’t want SSS to do, or those things that the worst organisations do. We will then try to do the opposite.

6. The elevator

You’ve got thirty seconds to describe your ideal version of SSS to someone influential. What do you tell them?

7. The SSS £s

If SSS is trying to raise £1 in income, how many pence should come from each source? When spending the SSS pound, how many pennies should go into each priority area?

8. The Genie

You have three wishes for the future of SSS. What are they?

9. All yours

Got something to tell us, but don’t fancy any of the above? Please just do it your own way and get in touch to share your results.

These documents are also available to download here!

SSS Strategy Development Timeline

Strategic Plan – Design Exercises