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Our Sustainability Pledge

As an organisation, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do; it is one of our values. We refer to our ‘sustainability glasses’ which we wear every day, to frame our decision making and ensure that we meet our pledge to act today so that we can participate in sport and physical activity tomorrow, by looking after our resources and our environment with care.


In a world where resources are ever scarcer, we understand the scale of the climate emergency, the effect it is having across all regions of the world and all areas of life. We need to double down our efforts collectively, to reverse the damage and control the alarming rate at which our planet is warming.


Sport in no exception to the climate emergency and the effects are two fold- on the one hand, hosting sporting events and training sessions increases emissions, from travel and waste, for example; on the other hand, we have seen increasing instances of extreme weather and poor air quality negatively affecting events from taking place safely.


At SSS we are committed to taking measures to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint. We pledge to put sustainability at the heart of our work and advocate on behalf of the student sport network to ensure that everyone around us does the same.


If you have any queries at all, then please get in touch with our resident Green Champion Julia. We would love to hear from you!


SSS Sustainability Toolkit

Keen to make your organisation more sustainably minded but don’t know where to begin? Download the PDF below for some handy tips and tricks!