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The main competition for basketball is the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) leagues. With five Scottish tiers for men and three Scottish tiers for women. There is also the Premier league, where the top teams from Scotland, England and Wales compete. Each team will also compete in a knockout competition each year, either Scottish Cup, Trophy or Championship. Last year 16 Scottish institutions for both men and women competed in the BUCS Leagues.

As well as playing opportunities SSS also runs annual a Reffin Brilliant course annually to help those looking to become qualified referees.

To help steer the direction of the sport for students we have the Basketball Development Group, the roles are filled by volunteers either students or former students who have a passion to help develop the student game.

Sport Chair: Shereif Kholeif


Governing Body: Basketball Scotland

Upcoming Basketball Events

You might want to know…

  • Last year Basketball had the 9th highest club membership numbers within Scottish student sport with over 1000 members participating across universities and colleges.

  • Conference Finals for both Scottish Universities and Colleges is the headline event of the year, with the most recent University final being held at St Andrews University.

  • SSS run a Trophy knockout competition to crown the top student teams in Scotland!

    The Rules and Regulations for the 2023-24 Tournaments can be found HERE

  • SSS run Wheelchair Basketball and 3v3 Tournaments to increase participation in the sport too!

Meet your Sports Chair

Shereif Kholeif

I am currently pursuing my General Practice training in the Northwest of Scotland, a journey that commenced following my graduation from medical school at the University of Glasgow in 2020. Throughout the various phases of my life, the influence of basketball has been both profound and enduring, tracing its roots back to my early school years and extending seamlessly into my adult life.

My engagement with basketball has taken multifaceted roles, encompassing that of a player, referee, youth coach, and adult strength and conditioning coach. Notably, in 2019, I took part in the establishment of the Rising Stars charity, an organization devoted to leveraging the sport of basketball as a mechanism for addressing societal challenges within underprivileged communities in the vicinity of Glasgow.

Recent times have seen me collaborate closely with FIBA’s Basketball for Good foundation, an association that granted me the role of a global youth leader. This experience culminated in my participation as a supporting contributor to the European Youth Leadership seminar held in Geneva in 2023. I believe in the potential of basketball to mold the lives of young people. Taking this belief further, I have been honored with selection for the IOC Young Leaders programme from 2023 to 2026, wherein I aspire to employ basketball as a conduit for cultivating a sustainable social enterprise that will further enrich the Rising Stars community outreach initiatives.

I am steering my medical training towards the realm of sports medicine, driven by my belief that society needs to invest more time into preventative rather than curative medicine. Sport has the power to influence a multitude of societal concerns from physical, mental and social health. Basketball is a great tool to do so.

Capitalising on my affiliations with Rising Stars, Basketball Scotland, FIBA Basketball For Good, and Scottish Student Sport, I hope to leverage my position to harmonize the strategic aspirations of basketball development within Scotland and the broader European context. My insights, derived from informed dialogues with other stakeholders, have afforded me a perspective on key domains which could guide our strategy. These include augmenting the recruitment and retention of officials, fostering greater female participation in basketball (as players, officials, coaches and leaders), and embarking on the advancement of the 3X3 format.

I am always open to hearing from the membership about any issues that I can help with, please feel free to reach me at

Sports Development Group Members

Shereif is supported in his work by the following volunteers:

  • Johnathan MacLeod – Performance & Competiton
  • Samuel Martin – Development Officer

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